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Metadata. ______________________________. Semantic Web Solutions: Web 2.0 and beyond. Stephanie Beene, 10/14/2008. ____________________________. Metadata: What is it?. several definitions, depending on the field... " data about data" is the most generic definition.

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    1. Metadata ______________________________ Semantic Web Solutions: Web 2.0 and beyond Stephanie Beene, 10/14/2008

    2. ____________________________ Metadata: What is it? several definitions, depending on the field... • " data about data" is the most generic definition. • "structured information that describes, explains, locates, or otherwise makes it easier to retrieve, use, or manage an information resource" (NISO, 2004) . • "data associated with either an information system or an information object for purposes of description, administration, legal requirements, technical functionality, use and usage, and preservation" (DCMI Glossary, 2005). • In the lastdecade metadata standards & guidelines skyrocketedwith the proliferation of digital information. • As these standards & guidelines were created with local needs in mind, semantic silos were created.

    3. The Problem: Since the first Dublin Core Workshop in 1995, metadata has expanded well beyond just describing documents. become a symbol for digital information organization and management. three phases over the past 13 years in metadata development: ~1995-1998: exploring and defining metadata in its Internet roles, how it adapts to domain-specific (local) requirements.  ~~1998-2003: the Dublin Core became the international standard, domain-standards proliferate. Semantic Web goals: Interoperability and Standardization. We're in the third phase of metadata development: ~2003-present: theoretical frameworks, grassroots tagging. Dilemmas: ever-increasing volume of digital information; complexities, high cost, slow creation of metadata. ________________________________ Semantic Web Solutions

    4. Library & Information Science Computer Science ___________________________________________ The Semantic Web Conversation "How can we build systems to respond better/more quickly to user requests?" "How can we describe information objects?" "We want a variety of responses to user queries" "How can we encode data in executable format into Web architecture?" "We want to capture data about digital objects..." "How can metadata become machine-processable?"

    5. Outcomes to the Conversation: Ongoing process to unify the two paradigms of description & processability/executability. XML/RDF-based languages:  combine semantic structures with computational syntax provide mechanisms for expressing relationships between classes of data that is computer/machine-processable. example: OWL ( Web Ontology Language):  Application Profiles (DCMI):  as a way to declare which elements from which namespaces are used in a particular application or project.  schemas of data elements optimized for a specific local application  Infrastructure streamlining (making all XML-compatible): XML/RDF as the data-binding language ____________________________ Semantic Web Solutions

    6. The Metadata Jungle!

    7. Attempts to tame the jungle...

    8. Semantic Web Solutions ________________________________ Some Examples: • Archives Initiatives: • OAI Metadata Harvester: • California Digital Library OAI: • Business Initiatives: • SAS (formerly Statistical Analysis Software, now just SAS): • Mozenda (formerly Infosquire): • Library Initiatives: • Dublin Core Solutions: • Siderean Software (Seamark): • Sirsi Dynix Enterprise Solutions: • Millennium Triple I: 

    9. questions? ____________________________

    10. Sources ____________________________ Lei Zeng, Marcia and Jian Qin (2008). Metadata. New York: Neal-Schumann Publishers, Inc. Class readings & links you see on this presentation