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AHCP Conference 16 – 20 AUGUST 2008 PowerPoint Presentation
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AHCP Conference 16 – 20 AUGUST 2008

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AHCP Conference 16 – 20 AUGUST 2008 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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AHCP Conference 16 – 20 AUGUST 2008 . Udo Schirmer. Risk Factor and Early Detection of Breast Cancer. Arberesha pointed out the different risks of breast cancer as there are inter alia young and old age, missing knowledge, fear. The presentation also shows the rise of incidence

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Presentation Transcript

Risk Factor and Early Detection of Breast Cancer

Arberesha pointed out the different risks of

breast cancer as there are inter alia young

and old age, missing knowledge, fear. The

presentation also shows the rise of incidence

which is a sign that civilisation's progress has

to become of another quality. Not earnings

but health be of priority for employers/ees.



Dana Constantinescu

Dana became aware of relations between gallbladder motility, gallstones, non-alcoholic steatohepatitis, and x-metabolic syndrome from her patients' histories. Only then she documented the relations by ultrasonography. First in mind, then in technics.



Travellers' Diarrhoea

Telephone Communication

Illness of Tourists returning from Kruger National Park

Garth Brink

Garth vividly demonstrated by a case report both the difficulties in diagnosing scabies and the dubiosity of evidence. The problems in consulting on preventing diarrhoea also were shown in a case report. We are curious how Kruger Park project will go. Good luck!


Mental Health

Management of Depression

COPD & Management of COPD

Chuba Chigbo

Chuba's very large compact complex from mental health in general to depression and smokers' COPD and from the description to the management of the diseases caused vivid discussions and gave us a lot of informations and impetus to think about for long after the meeting.


Community Based Training

Ilse Hellemann

Ilse well informed us about the state of art in student new training in Austrian general practice, not so much with tables, often inevitable, but in a narrative kind, well fit for such a subject. Also in Austria students like practical learning more than inevitable lectures.



European Defining

The Spirit of Alma Ata

Francesco Carelli

Francesco acted as the lawyer of the human right on the complete health as it has been declared in Alma Ata and of the family doctor who is the guide thereto. He showed that EURACT warrants to GPs the right to do more than only repeat prescriptions.


Medical Education

Evidence Based Practice

Helicobacter Pylori Infections

Comfort Osonnaya

Comfort began at the beginning when training developing critical appraisal skills with us, necessary to find out the relevant literature from the rest. Without such skills there were no up-to-date knowledge because there wouldn't be the time to read all literature, the good and the useless.


Legal and Ethical Dilemmas in Healthcare

Kingsley Osonnaya

Kingsley pointed out the dilemmas on a „case report“ of a child who had to die because his parents refused blood transfusion. Even the Healthcare Law cannot take the burden from the doctor's soul when hanging between Human Rights and medical ethics.


Breast Feeding

Kazimeras Vitkauskas

Kazimeras appeared as the rescuer of what

the human body and soul need in their first

months of life. His activities are certainly

more important for civilization than it may

seem. Money and laziness may be stronger

than nature and reasons now, but don't back

off, some day mankind will feel the privation.


Developments in Virtual Reality Simulation

for Laparoscopic Surgery

Miles Kitching

Miles demonstrated the way from the patient in bed-side education to the chip in the virtual reality simulator, and how minimally invasive surgery displaces specialists into other specialists' compet-ences; the radiologist will do what the internist had done etc. Who Where When?


Introduction to the JIARE and its

member organizations

Jatinder Bhamber

Jatinder gave us a view of the structure of the Joint International Academies of Research and Education and the many member and linked organizations like IAES, JIRR, AHCP. Showing some names of poeple including his own there made JIARE less anonymous to the auditory.