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Obj. 3.01. Business Documents: Agenda and Minutes. Agenda. What is the Purpose of an Agenda ? An Agenda is a list of items to be discussed or acted upon. I t is prepared before meetings, events, and conferences . Agenda (continued). Examples of using an Agenda :

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Obj. 3.01

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    1. Obj. 3.01 Business Documents: Agenda and Minutes

    2. Agenda What is the Purpose of an Agenda? An Agendais a list of items to be discussed or acted upon. • It is prepared before meetings, events, and conferences.

    3. Agenda(continued) Examples of using an Agenda: • Topics that will be covered at the next staff meeting. • Topics and speakers that will present at the next Board meeting.

    4. Agenda Heading These components must be centeredat the top of the Agenda: In the Heading section: • the Organization name • theDate • theLocation, and • theTimeof the meeting

    5. Agenda Body What items make up the Body of the Agenda? • Time slots • Topics • Speakers/presenters

    6. Guidelines for Keying Agenda • May include columns in a table or a list of items • May consist of incomplete sentences, no periods are required • Double space between numbered items • If the meeting or conference will last more than one day, list the day and date at the beginning of each section in bold

    7. Minutes What is the Purpose of Minutes? What are Minutes used to describe? • Minutes are used to describe the discussions, decisions, and actions that occurredduring a business meeting.

    8. Minutes(continued) Examples of using Minutes: • Detailed minutes from a company meeting of stockholdersincluding the pros and cons of each discussion point • The minutes of the State Board of Education • A meeting of the PTSA Grounds Committee to decide where to plant shrubs

    9. Minutes – Components • Components of Minutes: • Headinginformation • Title-Minutes of the [Organization Name] • Location-building name, room, city and state abbreviation • Date minutes were keyed • Description • A description of the company, the date of the meeting, and the location

    10. Minutes - Components • Components of Minutes (con’t) • Members Present • List of members and visitors present and their titles • List of members absent • Call to Order • Record of who began the meeting and at what time it began • Formal Declaration by the chairperson of the meeting that is has officially begun

    11. Minutes - Components • Components of Minutes (con’t): • Committee Reports • May be listed by committee or presenter name • CEO Report • Financial Review • Progress reports presented by subcommittee chairs

    12. Minutes – Components(Continued) • Components of Minutes(con’t) • Review of Previous Minutes • Minutes may be emailed to board members prior to meeting to save time • Recommended edits and corrections are made during the approval of the minutes • Old Business • Unresolved discussions from a previous meeting • New Business • New topics and issues

    13. Minutes – Components(Continued) • Components of Minutes(con’t) • Adjournment • Notation of who adjourned the meeting • Signature • Indicates time meeting was adjourned • Includes keyed name of secretary and signature line