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Active Directory Design

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Active Directory Design. By Kevin Stevens. Scenario.

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active directory design

Active Directory Design

By Kevin Stevens


Prepare a presentation for the ADcorp company which has implemented Active Direcotory 2008 (adcorp.local) and how approximately 10,000 objects (users, computer, printers) in the Active Directory. The reason for this presentation is ADcorp is pursuing acquiring another organization called GoodPurchase with an existing Active Directory 2003 domain (gdpurchase.local) with 5,000 objects. In your presentation, you are to present how ADcorp will integrate the organization under one forest, how accounts between the domain will work, functional forest level and domain levels, GPOs, etc. Use what you have learned in this course to demonstrate the ability to bring the two organizations.


Single Forest Design with adcorp.local

  • Single forest
  • Company merger into existing forest
  • Two domains (adcorp.local & gdpurchase.local)
  • The adcorp.local will remain forest root domain

Before any migration or changes please backup up both organizations AD.

create trusts
Create Trusts
  • Forest level trust
  • Two way trust
look before you leap
Look Before You Leap!

“What may people forget is before you can raise your forest and domain functional level, you need to update to perform forest and domain preps to upgrade the Schema?”

-Bill Rogers

prep infrastructure
Prep Infrastructure
  • Prepare the forest schema by running adprep /forestprep
  • Prepare each domain where you want to install a domain controller that runs Windows Server 2008 or Windows Server 2008 R2 by running adprep /domainprep
  • Prepare the forest for read-only domain controllers (RODCs), if you plan to install them, by running adprep /rodcprep
raise the functional level
Raise the functional level
  • Raise the functional level of forest to Windows Server 2008
migrate domain objects
Migrate Domain Objects
  • Active Directory Migration Tool
  • Interforest migration
redirect users and computers
Redirect Users and Computers
  • Merging domain is 2003
  • Eases admin management
  • Redirect to OU’s
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