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Active Directory

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Active Directory. Disaster Recovery. Domain Controllers. No PDC, BDC All DCs are equal Some are more equal than others (operations masters) Can demote DC to member server Can change its name this way Can promote member server to DC. Active Directory Files.

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active directory

Active Directory

Disaster Recovery

domain controllers
Domain Controllers
  • No PDC, BDC
  • All DCs are equal
    • Some are more equal than others (operations masters)
  • Can demote DC to member server
    • Can change its name this way
  • Can promote member server to DC
active directory files
Active Directory Files
  • Default location %systemroot%\NTDS
    • Ntds.dit — Active Directory database
    • Edb*.log — Transaction log files
    • Edb.chk — Checkpoint file to check data not yet written to database
    • Res*.log — Reserved transaction log files (10MB each to reserve space in case disk fills up)
garbage collection
Garbage Collection
  • Runs periodically
  • Deletes tombstoned objects
  • Defragments database
system state
System State
  • Includes everything that AD depends on, not just database files
    • Database and log files
    • SYSVOL shared folder
    • Registry
    • System startup files
    • Class registration database
    • Certificate Services database
backing up active directory
Backing up Active Directory
  • Accessories/System Tools/Backup
    • Allows backup of system state
  • TSM (to HFS)
    • Backs up system object
      • Includes Active Directory
  • Third party
  • For complete backup, AD on all domain controllers must be backed up
non authoritative restore
Non-Authoritative Restore
  • Restores Active Directory to state before backup was made
  • Updates from other DCs are made via replication as usual
authoritative restore
Authoritative Restore
  • Possible to mark part of Active Directory as authoritative on server where you are restoring it
  • Authoritative parts replicated to other DCs
    • E.g. to restore deleted objects
  • Only part of database can be restored authoritatively
  • Can select subset to be restored authoritatively
    • E.g. to restore deleted OU
  • How to remove orphaned domains from Active Directory
  • Domain controller server object not removed after demotion
  • How to perform an authoritative restore to a domain controller
  • Backup of the active directory has 60-day useful life
  • Removing active directory data after an unsuccessful demotion