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Central PA Lacrosse Officials Penalty Administration PowerPoint Presentation
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Central PA Lacrosse Officials Penalty Administration

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Central PA Lacrosse Officials Penalty Administration - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Central PA Lacrosse Officials Penalty Administration
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  1. Central PA Lacrosse Officials Penalty Administration March 31, 2008

  2. NCAA Lacrosse Update • SYRACUSE University recent games • Won 3/22 16-2 vs Binghamton • Won 3/25 13-5 vs Hobart • Won 3/29 13-8 vs Loyola • New coaches poll released today – the Orange jump from #5 to #1 • 5 game win streak • #1 UVA lost to Maryland, drops to #4

  3. USILA Coaches Poll – March 31 USILA Coaches' Poll for Division I, March 31The USILA has released the March 31 coaches' polls for Men's Division I. Syracuse extended its winning streak to five games and takes over the top spot in this week's poll. Syracuse's Dan Hardy and Pat Perritt both had three goals in their win over Loyola. Maryland used some great goaltending and controlled the face-offs to beat previously undefeated Virginia, 13-8. Duke's Matt Danowski posted three goals and three assists to become only the third player in NCAA history to register 150 goals and 150 assists, as Duke beat Harvard, 10-3.Rank Team Pts (1st) Prev. 1 Syracuse (7-1) 215 (8) 22 Duke (10-1) 203 (3) 33 Maryland (7-2) 195 4t4 Virginia (9-1) 191 15 Georgetown (5-2) 178 4t6 North Carolina (7-2) 162 97 Cornell (7-1) 154 68 Notre Dame (7-1) 150 79 Navy (8-2) 130 1010 Drexel (7-2) 104 1111 Johns Hopkins (3-4) 103 812 UMBC (5-3) 95 1313 Bucknell (7-2) 87 1514 Army (7-2) 82 1615 Princeton (4-3) 69 1716 Brown (6-2) 42 NR17 Delaware (7-3) 35 1418 Ohio State (5-3) 31 NR19 Denver (5-4) 28 2020 Hofstra (3-4) 22 12Also receiving votes: Loyola, Albany, Siena, Penn, Stony Brook

  4. Agenda • Discuss any play situations from games • Review Rules for Penalty Admin • Discuss Penalty Admin situations • Review Play situations

  5. Play Situations • In the 3rd quarter, Team A head coach tells the officials the other team is not properly equipped because some players are wearing shorts and some are wearing sweatpants. • Ruling – rule 1-9-2-c (pg 17) teams are permitted to wear a combination of shorts and sweatpants of the same solid color. • During a stick check the officials notice the strings in the pocket were strung onto the side wall of the crosse in such a way that the pocket was restricted/tightened (but not deep), which held in the ball (i.e., the ball was touching the strings). • Ruling – the stick was altered, 3 minute illegal stick penalty. Foul is not releasable. Whether the ball is being held by the head or by the stringing, or pinched…since it was not a deep pocket. See rule 5-4 and situation 5-4-H.

  6. Penalty Flow Chart Foul Technical Personal Flag down, slow whistle or stop play immediately Flag down, slow whistle or stop play immediately Ball in possession Loose Ball Time Serving 1-3 mins If foul by B slow whistle If foul by A Wait 2-3-4 seconds Time Serving 30 secs Take the ball away Play-on or award Possession Releasable Non-releasable Foul cancelled If goal scored 1. Simultaneous fouls 2. Unsportsmanlike conduct 3. Spearing 4. Illegal sticks Non-release only if simultaneous

  7. PENALTY ADMINISTRATION • General Principles : • Two types of fouls – personal and technical • Rules 5 and 6 • Personal fouls - more severe – always time-serving • Technical fouls – less severe – time-serving only if ball in possession and committed by B • Otherwise – play-on • Time-serving released when full time-served or goal scored by team up (all releasable fouls by the team scored on) • Non-releasable fouls : • Simultaneous • Unsportsmanlike Conduct – Rule 5-9-1-a thru c, d thru f are releasable • Spearing • Illegal sticks • No rule book support for making single Personal fouls non-releasable (other than above) • More severe – ability to scale up to 2 or 3 minutes

  8. PENALTY ADMINISTRATION • Any contact fouls must be called and administered as Unnecessary Roughness or Illegal Body Checks • Contact fouls CANNOT be called UNSPORTSMANLIKE CONDUCT (USC) • Rule 5-9 – definition of USC • Arguing with an official or attempting to influence • Threatening, profane, obscene language or gestures • Call undue attention to oneself • Distinction between Personal fouls and USC • 2 non-releasable USC’s = ejection • 5 Personals = ejection

  9. PENALTY ADMINISTRATION • Penalty time extends into next period if longer than time left in quarter • Includes overtime • If ball in possession at end of quarter, stays with same team in same position on field • Simultaneous fouls – fouls by opponents during live or dead ball (sequence can’t be determined) • Technical fouls cancel, team entitled to possession is awarded the ball • Team in possession – commits only technical fouls – no time served • Penalty time equal – team entitled to possession gets the ball (flag down situation) • Loose ball – award possession AP • Team with less time awarded ball • Releasable vs Non-releasable • Non-releasable time served first, then releasable

  10. PENALTY ADMINISTRATION • Player releasing early from penalty • Additional technical foul, plus remainder of original foul (30 seconds or turnover) • No foul if released by table area • Goalies serve their own fouls • Team permitted 1 minute to warm-up new goalie • Penalties on coaches or no specific player are served by in-home • If in-home is serving, go to next listed attack in book • Pre-game duties and scorebook, make sure book matches the coaches designated in-home • Running clock (second half only) – penalty time-serving is the same, not extended • Goals scored by opponents of team committing technical fouls are cancelled by the goal. • Personal fouls are always enforced.

  11. PENALTY ADMIN MECHANICS • Flag-down, slow whistle: • Used when team in possession gets fouled • Used on most fouls • Idea – don’t take advantage away from team with ball • Slow-whistle technique: • Throw flag straight up • Announce “flag down” • Slow whistle ends when: • Goal is scored or shot that doesn’t score • Ball becomes loose or B gains possession • Ball leaves Zone 4 – attack box • Injury or player loses required equipment • Team in possession commits a technical foul • Play-on ! • Used during loose ball technical fouls • If possession gained by offended team – point in direction of the play and yell “Blue ball” or “White ball” and allow play to continue • Also used for goalie interference

  12. Play Situations • A1 has possession behind the crease. At the top corner of Zone 4, A2 and B2 get their sticks up and threaten eachother. • Ruling – flag-down, immediate whistle. A2 and B2 both serve 1 minute unnecessary roughness personal fouls, non-releasable because they are simultaneous. • A1 has possession in Zone 3 with a flag-down slow whistle, B2 was offsides. A1 enters Zone 4 and starts subbing. Incoming sub A2 runs side-by-side by B5 and a) A2 slashes B5, or b) A2 slashes B5 and B5 retaliates and slashes A2. • Ruling – a) Immediate whistle, B2 serves 30 seconds for offsides, A2 serves 1 minute, team B awarded ball at mid-field. The first 30 seconds are non-releasable. b) Immediate whistle, B2 serves 30 seconds, B5 and A2 serve 1 minute. The first 30 seconds for all 3 players are non-releasable, A awarded ball due to less penalty time outside of Zone 4 where ball was when play was stopped. • B1 commits interference in front of the crease. The foul is enforced, before the play is restarted A3 tells the official it’s about time he made that call because he’s missed it all game. • Ruling – B1 serves 30 seconds for interference, B is awarded the ball because A3 committed a conduct foul (technical). • A is playing man-up at the end of a quarter, loose ball push, play-on. The quarter ends as the whistle blows to end the play-on. • Ruling – Play-on signifies possession, the offended team gets the ball to start the next quarter • A1 has the ball and is running toward the goal in the box. A1 shoots, B2 throws his stick at the ball. The ball goes into the net. After the goal A1 tells B2 “Nice try #$&*@, but I scored anyway. • Ruling – slow whistle, B1 and A1 penalized 1 minute each for USC, no faceoff, B ball at X.

  13. Play Situations • T or F – the penalty for stalling is a one minute personal foul. • T or F – taunting of an opposing player is not permitted after scoring a goal. • T or F – when teams are assessed simultaneous fouls the lesser amount of time served is non-releasable and that team is awarded the ball. • T or F – Syracuse University is now ranked #1 in the USILA Coaches poll ?