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Incoming- tIA. Sally o’ Brien and Maud Petigas. routehappy . Routehappy .

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incoming tia


Sally o’ Brien and Maud Petigas

  • “Routehappy” is a website where “tips & tricks” are shared and discovered between flyers and the crew: ratings, tips, details & photos about the passengers flight & airport experiences are reviewed on the website.
  • They know that not all flights are the same so they decided to rate them in a new and exciting way. The aim of Routehappy is to evaluate all the data to create « Flight-specific Flyer Ratings ».
  • Mission« Help you fly better » : easy search, “happiest flight” for the lowest price.
  • How do they do it ?
  • By measuring the happiness rating from each passenger from each flight. For this they use criteria as better planes, seats (comfort), WIFI etc.
  • In addition they have “Routehappy’s new Sponsored Happiness Factors” which are options that make flights unusual and unique. It’s not only the plane type, legroom and entertainment which they focus in on anymore.
  • The the little things matter the most and make an airline different and more likely to provide a great flight experience.
  • What else?
  • They made a free app to search and review the happinesratings easier. They even have a blog: http://blog.routehappy.comwhere you can find all the news that the staff of Routehappy share with the customers.
  • To go further, it is possible to search by airlines or airports to have a more accurate idea of what each airline can offer to you as a customer. There are reviews also from customers with pictures and comments to help you find the perfect flight
  • Over 150 airlines
  • Including some of the worlds biggest Airlines
  • British Airways, Air Berlin etc..
  • Press & insights tab
  • Routehappy gives information about what is happening in the news and they also give you some ”tips and tricks” about the world of air-travel.
  • Playing the airfare numbers game
  • Springfield News-Leader – 4/18/14
  • 5 Spring travel tips for the curious tourist
  • Merced Sun-Star – 4/16/14
  • How to sleep better on a plane
  • – 4/16/14
  • Best Apps & Websites You’ve Never Heard Of
  • MSN Tech – 4/8/14
  • Article review:
  • On the website is an article about the innovation of Routehappy.
  • Conclusion:
  • The Routehappycrew are really aware of everything that happens in the world of flying and they try to be different to create the best flying experience possible for the customer.