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Emotional Intelligence ( EQ ) - What it is and How Can I Strengthen this Competency? County Leadership Conference March 1, 2013. Angela Flickinger. Matt Hanson. Tedi Winnett. Phineas Gage A TRAGIC ACCIDENT UNCOVERS THE SECRETS OF EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE ( EQ ).

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Angela Flickinger

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Emotional Intelligence (EQ) - What it is and How Can I Strengthen this Competency?County Leadership ConferenceMarch 1, 2013

Angela Flickinger






Phineas Gage



Trajectory of the forty-three inch tamping iron that traveled through the head of railroad foreman Phineas Gage on September 13, 1848. The iron removed the entire front portion of his brain.

definition of emotions
Definition of Emotions
  • Emotions are….

A physiological experience which manifests itself in neuro-muscular, respiratory, cardiovascular, and hormonal changes including modifications in thought and behavior.

  • EQ is…

Your ability to RECOGNIZE and UNDERSTAND emotions, and your skill at using this awareness to MANAGE yourself and your relationships with others.

why is eq it important
Why is EQ it Important
  • Has the capacity to change your relationships at work and home
  • Associated with better results in leadership, sales, academics, marriage, friendships and health
emotional intelligence eq

“Being nice”

  • Letting feelings
  • hang out”
Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

What it is – the capacity for recognizing our own feelings and those of others, for motivating ourselves, and for managing emotions well in our selves and in our relationships

identifying emotions1
Identifying Emotions
  • Identify how do you feel
  • Identify how do others feel
  • Sense emotions in music
  • Sense emotions in art
  • Detect real and fake emotions- accuracy
understanding emotions
Understanding Emotions
  • Recognizing trigger events
  • Know emotions can be complex
  • Emotions can transition from one to another
  • A rich emotional vocabulary can help with identifying emotions
c ore b eliefs in the w orkplace
Core Beliefs in the Workplace
  • A good way to get to know your colleagues
  • What makes them tick?
  • Identify & prioritize core values
  • The role values play in our work environments



self awareness strategies
Self Awareness: Strategies
  • Quit treating your feelings as good or bad
  • Lean into your discomfort
  • Watch yourself like a hawk
  • Feel your emotions physically
self management strategies
Self Management: Strategies
  • Take control of self talk
  • Clean up your sleep hygiene
  • Put a mental recharge into your schedule
  • Learn a valuable lesson from Everyone you encounter
social awareness strategies
Social Awareness: Strategies
  • Greet people by name
  • Develop a back pocket question
  • Go people watching
  • Don’t take notes at a meeting
relationship management strategies
Relationship Management: Strategies
  • When you care, show it
  • Be open and be curious
  • Avoid giving mixed signals
  • Only get MAD on purpose
2012 top eq moments
2012 Top EQ Moments

2013 Discovering Emotional Intelligence workshops

  • Tentative Dates
  • May 30 – location Green Bay/Appleton area. 
  • August 22 – location around Minocqua
  • Nov 15 – Lowell Hall, Madison