gary guion supervising more than 200 employees n.
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Gary Guion Supervising more than 200 employees PowerPoint Presentation
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Gary Guion Supervising more than 200 employees

Gary Guion Supervising more than 200 employees

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Gary Guion Supervising more than 200 employees

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  1. Gary Guion supervising more than 200 employees.

  2. While serving as the Chief Operations Officer, Gary Guion managed market capitalization assets in excess of $400 million, as well as supervising more than 200 employees. Guion’s current responsibilities with the firm include comprehensive financial management as well as day-to-day obligations in personnel administration and contract negotiation. Gary Guion work with the company includes operational oversight as well as supervisory duties in risk management, accounting, and finance. During his first half year with GGFH Holdings Inc, the company raised $10 million in equity.

  3. Tell us an interesting story about your business. Were there any “wow” moments? Anything funny or unusual? The major “wow” moment that Gary Guion recall is when we landed our head of real estate. He had called and on a whim stopped in the office. He wasn’t quite sure if he wanted to get back into the real estate business, but I convinced him otherwise and we haven’t been the same since. What does your company sell and how does it make money? Our firm is an investment vehicle that makes money by investing in companies and in real assets, such as real estate. We do not sell products, but do raise private capital, so we are considered fiduciaries to our partners.

  4. Which companies do you consider to be competitors? Our competitors can at times be smaller local groups, such as Knightvest, and even larger firms like Lynd out of San Antonio, the Bascom Group out of California, etc. Flatiron Commercial run by Gary Guion donated the work on an entire floor in a building located in Central Arlington. Tillie Burgin, the Executive Director said she was so blessed that Gary chose to have Flatiron do the work on a basis that the new Kids Center be honored in memory of Gary's close friend and mentor. for more information or This work facilitated the ability to guide over 750 children over spring break 2013 to God's word and his message.

  5. Thanks Gary Guion