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Deciding on which of the hundreds of overnight summer

camps is best for your youngster is a big decision.

From camp fees to activities and camper-to-counselor ratio,

there’s a lot for you and your future camper to consider, and

one of the best ways to find the best fit for your child is to go

on a few summer camp visits.

Ideally, you’ll be able to visit when camp

is in session. This will give you more

than the standard tour of facilities, fields,

waterfront, bunk houses and dining hall.

It’s great to check out the layout of the

place, but wandering through when other

campers are there gives a far better feel

for the overall vibe of the camp.

Your youngster will get to meet kids his

own age who attend and get a taste of

the summer’s activities.

Many camps hold camp fairs to meet

with representatives and take a tour,

while some hold prospective camper

sleepover weekends.

If you find the whole decision a

bit overwhelming, you can seek

out the assistance of a camp

consultant, a sort of recruiter

who provides services free to

parents and is paid by the

camps themselves.

These “camp ladies” can help

you sort through the type of

camp you’re interested in,

distance, fees and the specific

needs or interests of your child.

More than just the best sports facilities,

canoes and overnight camping trips,

choosing the right summer camp can

actually be a life-changing experience for

your child.

Think about it this way: When you send

your kid off to college, it’s for four years,

while returning summers at camp can

span more than twice that time.

Life-long friends and cherished memories

form during those magical summers; just

look at the alumni sites and gatherings

from summer camps! It’s like boarding

school or college – only more fun!

Go with your instincts and listen carefully to your

child’s comments during or after a camp visit.

After all, it’s your youngster who will be summering

there, not you! Get to know the staff a little and ask

what’s special about each camp.

The Legacy


For parents who attended

sleepaway camp as a child, the

decision is often a no-brainer.

If you have an attachment to your

childhood camp, you may have

brought your kids along with you to

reunions and they may already be

excited about attending.

Many parents find that visiting camp with their kids

ahead of time eases a lot of that separation

anxiety (for you!) when kids are dropped off for

one or two months out in the wilderness.

Once you’ve met the director, the staff and some

of the kids, you’ll have a much better feel for what

the upcoming summer months would be like for

your little camper.

Ask as many questions as you want, and you’ll

find most camp personnel more than helpful in

addressing your concerns.

With some camp fees topping the price of college

tuition twenty years ago, you’ll want to get the most

bang – and fun – for your money ...

... and summer camp visits can give you a first-

hand look behind the glossy brochure and website

photos. It’s only sensible to investigate any

possible investment!

If you're considering sending your child to an overnight

summer camp, be sure to visit our site to learn about

Camp Walt Whitman.

Located in the White Mountains of New Hampshire,

Camp Walt Whitman offers a safe, nurturing environment

in a beautiful mountain setting.

Our camp is a coed sleepaway camp, with separate

areas for boys and girls. The kids have a blast, and make

friendships that can last a lifetime.

Camp Walt Whitman

1000 Cape Moonshine Rd

Piermont, NH 03779


[email protected]