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North Carolina School Executive

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North Carolina School Executive. Educator Evaluation System (NCEES) Sandhills Leadership Academy October 12, 2011. Today’s Meet . The Principal’s Story.

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north carolina school executive

North CarolinaSchool Executive

Educator Evaluation System (NCEES)

Sandhills Leadership Academy October 12, 2011

the principal s story

The Principal’s Story

North Carolina Standards for School ExecutivesAs Approved by the State Board of EducationDecember 7, 2006

Public education’s changed mission dictates the need

for a new type of school leader -- an executive instead

of an administrator. No longer are school leaders just

maintaining the status quo by managing complex

operations but just like their colleagues in business,

they must be able to create schools as organizations that

can learn and change quickly if they are to improve


standard 1 strategic leadership
Standard 1: Strategic Leadership

Summary: School executives will create conditions

that result in strategically re-imaging the school’s

vision, mission, and goals in the 21st century.

Understanding that schools ideally prepare students

for an unseen but not altogether unpredictable future,

the leader creates a climate of inquiry that challenges

the school community to continually re-purpose itself

by building on its core values and beliefs about its

preferred future and then developing a pathway to

reach it.

scenario standard 1 strategic leadership
Scenario: Standard 1/Strategic Leadership

Mr. Ball is a great strategic leader. He has a very successful School Improvement Team (SIT). Every year, he creates a team that is focused on making certain the district, state and school goals are aligned with the mission. The SIT generates SMART goals and organizes themselves every year to get things done. In fact, Mr. Ball has received the district recognition for his work on the SIT and has been asked by the superintendent to coach his colleagues on the processes he uses. How would you rate Mr. Ball?

Please rate

Mr. Ball:





standard 2 instructional leadership
Standard 2: Instructional Leadership

Summary: School executives will set high standards

for the professional practice of 21st century instruction

and assessment that result in a no nonsense accountable

environment. The school executive must be

knowledgeable of best instructional and school

practices and must use this knowledge to cause the

creation of collaborative structures within the school for

the design of highly engaging schoolwork for students,

the on-going peer review of this work and the sharing

of this work throughout the professional community.

scenario standard 2 instructional leadership
Scenario: Standard 2/Instructional Leadership

Mrs. Suitt has been an administrator for ten years. She is described by her staff as a person who gets things done. If she does not believe the innovation is best for students, she will not implement it in her school. Everybody knows that Mrs. Suitt runs her school. She just does not like status quo and leads by example. When people heard that she was investing 45% of the state school budget for the purchase of IPADS for a one-to-one initiative for 5th grade students. It became a big issue in the district. This issue is getting more conflicting. How would you rate her instructional leadership style?

Please rate

Mrs. Suitt:





standard 3 cultural leadership
Standard 3: Cultural Leadership

Summary: School executives will understand and

act on the understanding of the important role a

school’s culture contributes to the exemplary

performance of the school. School executives

must support and value the traditions, artifacts,

symbols and positive values and norms of the

school and community that result in a sense of

identity and pride upon which to build a positive

future. A school executive must be able to

“reculture” the school if needed to align with

school’s goals of improving student and adult

learning and to infuse the work of the adults and

students with passion, meaning and purpose.

Cultural leadership implies understanding the

school as the people in it each day, how they came

to their current state, and how to connect with their

traditions in order to move them forward to

support the school’s efforts to achieve individual

and collective goals.

scenario standard 3 cultural leadership
Scenario: Standard 3/Cultural Leadership
  • Mr. Howard is a second year principal at Dover Middle School. He felt that the school mascot of the past 30 years needed to be updated and aligned with the feeder High School mascot. He consulted with the School Improvement Team about the change. It was voted on by the staff and supported. Students and parents were surveyed and the majority supported the change. A student designed a new mascot and colors that were aligned with the neighboring High School. School uniform shirts that were printed with the previous mascot were not permitted to be worn any longer as part of the shift to a new mascot. Some parents and students were disgruntled by the uniform policy. Mr. Howard held firm in his expectation that uniform shirts featuring the previous mascot could not be worn and justified the policy based on staff, student, and parent support of a new mascot. How would you rate Mr. Howard?

Please rate

Mr. Howard:





accessing demo site
Accessing Demo Site

Login to the demo site using the URL:

Username: principaldemo1

Password: 123456

accessing wikispaces
Accessing Wikispaces

contact information
Contact Information
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