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North Carolina

North Carolina. By Brett Ennis. North Carolina is the 12 th State in the United States. It became a state on November 21, 1789. Map of North Carolina. Population. As of 2009 the total population in North Carolina was 9,380,884.

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North Carolina

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  1. North Carolina By Brett Ennis North Carolina is the 12th State in the United States. It became a state on November 21, 1789

  2. Map of North Carolina

  3. Population • As of 2009 the total population in North Carolina was 9,380,884. • That is ranked 10th in the United States.

  4. Nickname And Motto • North Carolina’s nickname is “Tar Heel State” • The motto is "Esse Quam Videri" (To Be Rather Than to Seem)

  5. State Flower • Flowering dogwood

  6. State Animal Gray Squirrel

  7. State Colors • North Carolina’s State colors are both red and blue.

  8. State Seal • In 1971 North Carolina's General Assembly resolved to standardize the design of the state's seal. Prior to this resolution, the seal took on many different design variations.

  9. State Tree • North Carolina’s State Tree is called the Longleaf Pine (Pinuspalustris)

  10. State Song • The Old North State • It was Written by William Gaston • And Composed by Mrs. E. E. Randolph

  11. State Flag • The flag was adopted in 1885 • The two dates on the flag stand for important events • The top date is May 20th, 1775, commemorates the Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence where North Carolina citizens met to declare their freedom from Great Britain. • The lower date, April 12th, 1776, commemorates the adoption of the Halifax Resolves

  12. State Gemstone • The States Gemstone is called emerald • It was started in the year 1973.

  13. The Coin • Released on March 12, 2001, this is the 12th coin released in the 50 State® Quarter Program and the second released in 2001. • North Carolina, admitted into the Union on November 21, 1789, themed the coin, First Flight. • It highlights the first flight that took place in Kill Devil Hills, N.C.

  14. North Carolina’s History • It is located on the Atlantic Seaboard. • It contains 100 counties. • North Carolina was originally inhabited by many different prehistoric native cultures. • This state was apart of the Revolutionary War.

  15. Climate • North Carolina has a humid, subtropical climate. • Winters are short and mild, while summers are usually very sultry. • Spring and fall are distinct and refreshing periods of transition.

  16. Famous People From the State • James Knox Polk was the 11th President of the United States. He served from 1845 to 1849. • Andrew Johnson was the 17th President of the United States. He served from 1865 to 1869.

  17. Cost of Average Home • Median Household Income: $39,184National Average: $41,994 • Median Family Income: $46,335National Average: $50,046 • Per-Capita Income: $20,307National Average: $21,587

  18. Capital The Capital is Raleigh.

  19. Cost of Living In the State • This state excludes Social Security retirement benefits from the states income taxes.  • Average pay is $29,067.06 • The regional consumer price index is 169.7

  20. Food • A lot of people enjoy eating pig in North Carolina.

  21. Taxes In the State • The taxes in the state are a rate of 5.75% • Gas is 30.2 Cents per gallon • Cigarettes are .45 cents per 20 pack.

  22. Major College Sports Teams Duke Blue Devils North Carolina Tarheels • Nolan Smith • Tyler Hansbrough

  23. North Carolinas Pro Sports Teams North Carolina Panthers Sting and Hurricanes • DeAngelo Williams • Team Logos

  24. Famous Places • Outer Banks is a great place to visit in North Carolina • Blue Ridge Mountains is also a great historical place.

  25. State Transportation • Buses, cars, trains, and trucks are the man transportation in this state. • North Carolina is apart of the NCDOT and they always try to be as safe as possible.

  26. Average Income • Average pay or income is $29,067.06

  27. Natural Resources • The natural resources in North Carolina are lumber into wood, soil for the crops, tobacco, and red dirt known as clay.

  28. Governor, Senator and House of Representative Joe Hackney is the current speaker for the house of Representatives. The governor is Bev Perdue.

  29. Highest vs. Lowest elevation • Highest Point • Mt. Mitchell 6,684 feet (2,037 m) above sea level • Lowest Point • Atlantic Ocean – sea level.

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