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  1. -IT INTRO to WINGS Windham Integrated Network Groupware System (or First Class Groupware)

  2. Logging Into WINGS Double click First Class Icon on Your Computer’s desktop to bring up the log-in window Check settings by clicking on Setup … See next slide OR Enter user ID and Password Click Login

  3. Adjusting Settings Enter your User ID here Do NOT enter your password here OK at home NOT school This is the server address. It is a good idea to memorize this. It is also the last part of your e-mail address. Click here to save your settings

  4. Activate the log in CLICK TO LOG IN TO YOUR WINGS DESKTOP

  5. Your WINGS Desktop Areas Area 4 Area 2 Area 1 Area 3

  6. Area 1 Personal Mail CenterYour email address is eg. Your Personal Address Bookconnects with the To: field. Simply enter partial name and will fill in Your personal Calendar to use anyway you want. Can be synchronized with a Palm if you want Will be coming – Bookmarks and Quicklinks

  7. Area 2 Your Path to Central Office Services and Information including Administration, SPED, Coordinators, Business office On-line Courses, PD Strands and PD related information Various Resources for teachers Temporary storage to transport work from place to place. Drag and drop, go home, open

  8. Area 3 Various School Forms both District and Local Assorted School Policies School Board area for agendas, minutes, profiles etc. Coming soon, click and publish forms. Eg. Homework, slide show,class news

  9. Area 4 This is for general and local conferences that YOU have access to. They will change as individuals add or delete relevant conferences for different situations and groups.

  10. Changing your Password

  11. Choose new password You should change your password periodically.(Please do not leave it as your first name) The best passwords are alpha-numeric (letters+numbers eg. go54dog77). Remember your new password. You need it to log into WINGS. DO NOT LEAVE IT WRITTEN SOMEWHERE ON YOUR DESK. Do not share your password. DO NOT GIVE IT TO STUDENTS

  12. Dealing with Email Double Click your Mail Box to work with your local and Internet e-mail

  13. Creating outgoing Information Click here to send Click here to put attachment Address a message to someone on WINGS Address a message to someone out on Internet Add CC: for someone Add an Attachment

  14. Dealing with incoming Trash can to delete selected message(s). (Select then hit Delete also works) Spam box to send to SYSOP for possible blocking Double click or return to open message

  15. Opened Message Reply to sender and any others named in addressing To: , CC: , or Bcc fields Reply only to the sender of the message Message history Check out other icons Forward the message

  16. Personal Calendar MONTH WEEK Various Calendar Views DAY

  17. Enter Event To enter an event, double click the date or choose new event from the menu bar. Describe event here Set start and finish times here Put location here Add Color tags Event Info here

  18. Scheduling You can invite someone to participate with you in an event (meeting,etc.) Schedule will make request and if approved, place event on their calendar Name other folk(s) you want to invite (they must be part of WINGS Ask Participant to accept invitation

  19. Repeating events Enter event once, then set it be ongoing repeating. Choose Repeat until to tell it when to stop. Repeat frequency Repeat duration

  20. Event Reminder Have WINGS send you and participants a reminder before the meeting

  21. For Help or Support Check the HELP files under HELP on the menu Check with your School WING-Leader Ask a neighbor Drop an email message to Neil Manders (tech coordinator) Call Neil at Central Office 348-6801 Remember: Your E-mail address is: User ID@FC.WCSU.K12.VT.US JDOE@FC.WCSU.K12.VT.US