welcome to the the reos business model offered by www minibulkreos com n.
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Welcome to the The REOs business model offered by www.minibulkREOs.com PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to the The REOs business model offered by www.minibulkREOs.com

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Welcome to the The REOs business model offered by www.minibulkREOs.com - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome to the The REOs business model offered by www.minibulkREOs.com. Cherif Medawar, Founder. Investor Educator Author RE Syndicator President of ICRE. Disclaimers. Neither Cherif Medawar nor his partners or team members provide legal or tax advice.

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cherif medawar founder
Cherif Medawar, Founder
  • Investor
  • Educator
  • Author
  • RE Syndicator
  • President of ICRE
  • Neither Cherif Medawar nor his partners or team members provide legal or tax advice.
  • Documents provided in this presentation are examples only. Always seek professional advice with respect to any document used in a real estate transaction.
  • Always consult a real estate attorney for legal advice on your real estate deals.


Making money in REOs

  • Foreclosure terms
  • Bulk REO challenges and opportunities
  • Buying the REOs
  • Listing the REOs
  • Qualifying Buyers
  • Selling the REOs
  • Collecting the income
  • Maximizing reward/Minimizing risk
foreclosure terms
Foreclosure Terms
  • Foreclosure is a process that gives a lender or other lien holder the right to sell or repossess a property after the owner has failed to comply with an agreement between the parties whereby the property was pledged as a guarantee.
foreclosure terms reo
Foreclosure Terms (REO)
  • REO means Real Estate Owned (by the bank)
  • It is a term that refers to the real estate that the bank had to repossess from a borrower who defaulted on the terms of a loan owed to the bank and secured by a real property.
  • The bank goes through a foreclosure process and if property is not bid up and sold in a public auction it ends up going back to the bank as an REO in the Non performing Assets Department.
foreclosure terms land contract
Foreclosure Terms (Land Contract)
  • It is written note agreement to sell a property on an installment payment plan whereby the buyer agrees to pay the principle, interest, tax and insurance to the seller over a period of time allowing him to qualify easier and faster without appraisal or stringent credit requirements.
  • Seller retains legal Deed/legal title of property until either enough payments are made or note is fully paid off before transferring deed/title over to buyer.
foreclosure terms1
Foreclosure Terms
  • Deed and title: A deed is a the document that proves ownership. The title is the manner for which you want to own the property. Terms are often used interchangeably,
  • On the deed of ownership you may hold title as a single and sole owner, or as an LLC etc.
reo challenges
REO challenges

Thousands of REOs are available:

  • Banks want to sell you Hundreds of homes (in bulk) to give you the best price
  • Banks want to see proof of funds (no financing)
  • Banks want to make sure you have experience
  • Banks sells them to you “as is where is”
reo challenges1
REO Challenges
  • You, the investor must deal with each property individually no matter the location (they are spread out nationwide) to fix it up first then either:
  • Sell it at retail price (realtors commission)


b) Rent it at market value for a long term upside (takes long time)

reo challenges2
REO challenges
  • Must pay all cash (several millions for bulk)
  • Must pay any property taxes still owed
  • Must pay any water liens still owed
  • Must get and pay for property insurance
  • Must place a combo lock box (get photos)
  • Must place a For Sale sign outside property
  • Must take calls and qualify buyers
  • Must send contract and execute the sale
the reos reality
The REOs reality
  • Too much work and risk for long term profits
  • Must have an office and/or a great team to coordinate various functions per property (Purchasing-rehabbing- qualifying buyers or renters- doing legal paper work- title and deed transfers- handling the income- processing expenses- managing risks)
  • Must have $5 to $10 Mil in cash and show experience for bank to consider selling a minimum bulk purchase of 100 plus homes
reo opportunity
REO opportunity

Minibulkreos.com has hundreds of REOs:

  • You can buy 10 properties or less at a time
  • Your price will be $20,000 each- value at apx. $30,000 + (some sell as high as $75,000)
  • You get a full turn key solution with an expert team of support that resells your property within 90 days on a land contract for a cash flow of apx. 20% plus hassle free
  • The support service package is offered at no additional charge and it includes a guarantee
reo opportunity1
REO Opportunity
  • Here is what your $20,000 investment per property includes in terms of services and guarantees:
  • The property taxes if any are owed
  • The water liens if any are owed
  • Support gets you property insurance (you pay)
  • They place a combo lock box (and get photos)
  • They place a For Sale sign outside
  • They take the calls and qualify buyers
  • They finalize sales contract seal the deal
reo opportunity2
REO opportunity
  • They sell each home on a land contract within 90 days or less (contract included)
  • They turn over contract to a national service company to collect and deposit in your bank account the PITI payments (fee)
  • We guarantee an exchange of properties in the unlikely event any of your properties is found burned down (1% statistically) within less than 10 business days
reo opportunity3
REO opportunity
  • Some homes may need rehab but this is not a problem because when home is sold on a land contract based on Support teams surveys for apx. $500 down and low monthly payments of apx. $300+ (less than local rent), Buyers accept property in “as is where is” condition and stick to a payment schedule to realize their dream of ownership and building equity.
  • If they default on the payments of a land contract they are evicted and not foreclosed on
reo opportunities
REO Opportunities
  • Title is assured to be clear and insured when reselling to end buyer (s)
  • Deed may take apx. 120 days but you do not transfer it to buyers until they paid on time for 12 months on the land contract
  • Assistance in case of default. Support can coordinate with legal office for less than $700 fee. You may resell at higher price!
seven steps to profitable reos
Seven Steps to Profitable REOs
  • You buy a minibulk of 10 properties plus
  • Let the support service handle your listing and qualify the buyers for you
  • Respond promptly to calls and emails from support to qualify and select a Buyer for each of your properties
  • Read and sign promptly all documents of sale sent to you
seven steps to profitable reos1
Seven Steps to Profitable REOs
  • Give your bank info to the loan servicing co. to deposit money into your bank account
  • Enjoy income for a year or longer then contact buyers and ask them to get a new loan to cash you out based on their good history of paying on time
  • You may decide to discount the note and sell it at a discount anytime once you have history of payments (use the website for free)
our objective
Our Objective

To sell as many properties in the next 24 months and help 4 different parties:

1) The investors who need cash flow and a chance to participate in the profitable REOs but on a smaller scale. They prefer the low risk, high cash flow of these properties with a turn key service opportunity but have been too busy and confused to find a successful, low risk business model

2) The end buyers who needs a chance to own a home and take advantage of the low prices but cannot due to his low credit score . They much prefer to own instead of rent to rebuild their credit and get a chance to build equity

our objective1
Our Objective

3) The banks who got greedy and ended up foreclosing and holding non performing assets nationwide

4) The training companies that have been offering one educational program after another without presenting the actual real estate opportunity and creating cash flow for their investors

  • Buy 10 properties in minibulk @ $200K
  • The support team will assist you to list and sell as well as get the positive cash flow
  • You can keep the income or sell the note at a discount on our website
  • You have support and guarantees on a the lowest price ever offered in REOs
www minibulkreos com
  • We pay all back taxes and liens if any
  • We list the properties and qualify buyers
  • We do all the legal paper work
  • Your property is resold on a land contract within 90 days
  • Your returns are usually around 20% and they are secured against your RE
  • We offer guarantees and deliver results
  • For more info please go to website…