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Antiquity Time Period

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Antiquity Time Period. Music from the beginning of time. Monday:History of Music. The history of music began with the history of humankind .

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antiquity time period

Antiquity Time Period

Music from the beginning of time

monday history of music
Monday:History of Music

The history of music began with the history of humankind.

It is unlikely that music was played purely for pleasure in ancient times. It had a purpose or was played for specific occasions; usually communicating or signaling.


Drums and animal horns were used as instruments in the Antiquity period.

Musical instruments were first used for signaling, probably only using one or two notes. What are some musical sounds we have today that are used for communication or signaling?

tuesday music evolves
Tuesday: Music Evolves

Music would evolve into an accompaniment for work, dance or rituals of ceremony and religion.

Each ancient culture developed its own unique style of music.

chinese music
Chinese Music

Chinese music can be traced back over 4000 years.

Music was played using a 5 note or pentatonic scale.

An ancient instrument of China is the ch’in which is a plucked string instrument

wednesday egyptian music
Wednesday: Egyptian Music

Music played a part in almost every part of Egyptian life.

Many of the musicians were women.

Popular Egyptian instruments were the lute, lyre and harp.

hebrew music
Hebrew Music

Hebrew people associated music with religion. There are many references to music in the Old Testament.

The only ancient Hebrew instrument still used today in synagogues is the SHOFAR or ram’s horn

thursday greek music
Thursday:Greek Music

Our word “music” comes from the Greek word “mousike”.

Popular Greek instruments were the kithara (lyre) and aulos (ancestor of the oboe)

Music was played at festivals and plays and music contests took place at the Olympic Games.

roman music
Roman Music

Roman music was based on Greek music.

Because of war-like history of Roman civilization, music was used mostly for military and entertainment purposes.

Romans used drums and made the first brass trumpets and horns.