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Government On-Line. Chief Information Office Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat September 2001. Governments are investing to get on-line. Strengthening their relationships with citizens : improve services (access, quality, responsiveness) facilitate participation in policy making

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government on line

Government On-Line

Chief Information Office

Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat

September 2001

governments are investing to get on line
Governments are investing to get on-line...
  • Strengthening their relationships with citizens:
    • improve services (access, quality, responsiveness)
    • facilitate participation in policy making
    • enhance accountability and transparency
  • Strengthening their economies:
    • reduce cost and burden of transacting with government
    • encourage innovation
    • provide enabling policy environment
  • Renewing their public administrations:
    • innovate to update internal processes
    • renew the work force

…to remain relevant and responsive

government services in canada an overview
Government Services in Canada -- an overview
  • The Government of Canada is a large and complex organization
    • 126 federal departments and agencies responsible for over 1,600 programs and services
  • All levels provide services that touch the lives of Canadians on a daily basis, for example
    • Federal -- Income Security, Business Services, Passports
    • Provincial -- Health, Education, Permits (driver’s licence, hunting & fishing)
    • Municipal -- Water, Utilities, Libraries, Community Services
technology underpins government operation today
Technology underpins government operation today...
  • Almost 4 million page requests on the Canada main web site ( per week
  • 100,000 visitors to the Job Bank every day (25,000 jobs on-line each day)
  • 11 million electronic (Internet, e-filing or telephone) tax returns were filed this year, including 1.5 million via Internet
  • Approximately 6 million e-mail exchanges within government every day

…and enables a smart government for the future

the government of canada s commitment
The Government of Canada’s commitment...

Speech from the Throne

October 1999

By 2004, our goal is to be known around the world as the government most connected to its citizens, with Canadians able to access all government information and services on-line at the time and place of their choosing.

Speech from the Throne

January 2001

The Government will continue to work toward putting its services on-line by 2004, to better connect with citizens.



…information and services on-line by 2004

according to canadians an on line government
According to Canadians, an on-line government...
  • Satisfaction with government services is strongly linked to overall satisfaction with the government’s performance
  • 73% of Canadians who use our Internet-based services are very satisfied with the overall quality

Canada Information Office - Winter 2001

  • 67% of Canadians have access to the Internet and 52% of Internet users have visited a GoC site in the past 3 months

Canada Information Office - Spring 2001

  • 77% think the Internet will improve how they receive services from the Government of Canada

Canada Information Office - Spring 2001

…is a smart government


Single Window Service

Quality and Satisfaction


Government On-Line

Government On-Line supports...






…service delivery transformation across all channels

towards a gol vision for 2004
Towards a GOL vision for 2004

Using information and communication technology to

enhance Canadians’ access to

improved citizen-centred, integrated services,

anytime, anywhere and in the official language of their choice

Core assumption:

  • GOL is a service initiative: designed to improve services
  • 2004 is a major milestone against which departmental and cross-government achievements will be assessed
  • If done right, transformation will continue beyond 2004
gol guiding principles benefits to canadians
GOL Guiding Principles - Benefits to Canadians

For Canadians, GoC electronic services must be:

  • Accessible to all
  • Of direct benefit: easy to use; organised to meet Canadians’ priorities (citizen-centric); save time/effort/cost; improve quality and level of service; increase the range of service offerings
  • Private and secure, generate trust and respond to citizen demands
  • Shaped by Canadians’ input and constant feedback
gol guiding principles consequences for government
GOL Guiding Principles - Consequences for Government

To achieve benefits to citizens, the GOL initiative must be:

  • Co-ordinated: to achieve progress across GoC (common infrastructure, policies, etc.)
  • Collaborative: across departments and jurisdictions, involving the private and not-for profit sectors
  • Cost neutral across service delivery channels: increase use of self-service channels for routine transactions
  • Transformative: move towards service re-engineering and integration, over time, where it makes sense
  • Innovative: use proven best-of-breed technologies and private sector partnerships
implementing the gol principles
Five key components of GOL:Implementing the GOL principles
  • on-line delivery of key client services
  • shared infrastructure to support interoperability, service integration, cross-channel integration, and reduce overall costs
  • policy frameworks and standards that promote citizen trust, ease of use, and accessibility
  • service improvement; measurement; communications; user feedback
  • HR strategy to ensure the right skills for electronic and other service delivery
the government has made strategic corporate investments
The Government has made strategic corporate investments...

Central funds of $280 (CND) million over 2 years:

  • Up tp $130 million to accelerate services on-line
    • fund most popular / large reach services
  • Up to $135 million to build the infrastructure for secure on-line services
    • secure channel, public key infrastructure, directories
  • Up to $15 million to continue to build the policy framework
    • privacy, security, information management, service improvement, human resources
  • Departments and agencies are also leveraging their own funds and/or related policy/program initiatives

…to initiate Government On-Line

where are we today
Where are we today?
  • Canada Site redesigned
  • Government on-line projects underway including:
    • For Canadians: employment insurance; tax filing; passport applications and integrated jobs web site
    • For Canadian businesses: record of employment; business registration, and electronic procurement
    • For Non-Canadians: status of citizenship applications
  • Common infrastructure underway
  • Policy agenda scoped - addressing privacy and channel management issues







…and clusters information and services...







Human Resources


Going to Canada

Canada & the World

Doing business with Canada




…around three client groups

getting to government on line
Getting to Government on-line…
  • Leadership
  • Targets/Benchmarking
  • Common infrastructure & standards
  • Updated legislative and policy framework
  • Strategic investment
  • Communications & engagement

Key factors for success:

….in a global & competitive environment

a sound governance approach
A sound governance approach...
  • Committee of Ministers = Management Board
  • External advisory panel of citizens and businesses - advisory role
  • Committee of department heads - oversight function
  • Chief Information Officer - coordinates plans, provides frameworks, monitors progress
  • Department heads - accountable for service delivery
  • Departmental electronic service delivery coordinators (GOL Leads) - horizontal coordination with departments

…will ensure that GOL objectives are met

forward issues and enablers
Forward issues and enablers
  • Identification of common business processes (i.e. grants & contributions, change of address, etc.) and opportunities for efficiencies
  • Procurement - innovative public-private sector partnerships
  • Coordination and management of service delivery across channels
  • Seamless government inter-jurisdictional relationships
  • Citizen engagement / e-democracy
we are on the right track but need to maintain momentum


We are on the right track, but need to maintain momentum...
  • Canada no. 1 among 22 nations ahead of the US, the UK and Australia(Accenture. April 2001)
  • Success based on citizen-centred approach with gateways and subject clusters at the core of the re-designed Canada website at
  • Remaining a leader requires collaboration across departments and across jurisdictions -- on service integration and cross-channel management

…to meet the 2004 goal

Examples of Canadian suppliers enabling E-Government




Landlord IT


Sierra Systems



Class Software Solutions

Municipal Software







Zero Knowledge

Bell Emergis




NDC e-commerce

SCDC Systems Inc.


  • Array Development
  • Novacomm
  • Xwave
  • Calian
  • Entrust

PrairiesUpside software



Source: Industry Canada - August 2001

for more information
For more information

government on line25

Government On-Line

Chief Information Office

Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat

September 2001