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Lesson 1

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Lesson 1
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  1. Lesson 1 shop till you drop

  2. Before you start 1. Look at the photos and the title of the article.Which three of the these things do you think will not be mentioned in the article? global trade, stress and lack of time, crime and violence, work sharing,a shortened working week, advertising, free time, drugs global trade crime and violence drugs 2. Listen to the article and check your guesses.

  3. a growing resistence to this consumer society Para 1 It's time to take the issues more seriously Para 2 Para 3 What is a spending circle? The results of a spending circle Para 4

  4. the more are trapped possessions We never feel like we have enough __________ (possess). Never __ we have time to enjoy the bigger and ______ (good) houses and cars. The result is not increased happiness, but _____ (stressful) and less free time. do better The more we earn, _______ (many) we spend and the more tax we have to pay. Thus, we _________ (trap) in a spending circle. stress insisting Protest groups are ______ (insist) that some of our money _______ (give) to the third world. Trade _____ (unite) demand that the government ______ (short) the working week and suggest that people share work and thus reduce _____________ (employ). be given unions shorten unemployment controlled Advertising should be more ________ (control). There should be better ways for young people to use their free time. We ought to visit the shops less and worry ___(little) about image. less

  5. Language points • be trapped in被困住, 被缠住 • 他们被困在燃烧的大楼里面。 • They were trapped in the burning building. • 他陷进了不愉快的婚姻里。 • He was trapped in an unhappy marriage.

  6. 2. in the hope that/in the hope of sth. 抱有…的希望 in the hope of I called earlycatching her before she went to work. She asked him againhe would agree. in the hope that

  7. 3. 比较级…比较级…the more, the more 你起得越早,就越有精力。 The earlier you get up, the more energetic you will be.

  8. 4. hand (sth.) over (to sb.) 把(权力或责任等)移交给(某人) She resigned and handed over to one of her younger colleagues. 她辞职了,由一位比她年轻的同事接任。 他终于在去年交出了公司的职务。 He finally handed over his responsibility for the company last year. 他们把武器交给了警察。

  9. 5. be better off 比较有钱, 比较宽裕,情况较好 be well off 富裕的, 处境好的 be badly off 贫困的, be worse off 情况较差 You'd be better off with a bicycle. 你最好骑自行车。 译:She’s better/worse off without him. Families will be better off under the new law. 天气太糟糕所以我们呆在家里要更好。 The weather is very bad so we are better off staying at home. be better off doing sth. 在某种情况下)更幸福,更满意

  10. 6. resistance to sth. a refusal to accept 抵抗(制); 反抗(对); resistance to the law 反对法律 disease resistance 抗病力,抗病性 resist [v.] Aids patients have no power to resist disease 抗拒疾病的能力 She could hardly resist laughing. 她真忍不住要笑。

  11. sth doing something (cannot) resist + For years the school has resisted changing its system. 我抵制不了巧克力(的诱惑)。 她忍不住总要买衣服。 I just can't resist chocolate. She can never resist buying new clothes. it is hard/difficult/impossible to resist something

  12. 7. come into being生存,存在 When the new law comes into being, the old one will be abolished immediately. 当新的法律产生, 旧法律会立即废除。 我不知道新政策何时开始实行的。 I have no idea when the policy came into being.

  13. 向...瞄准; 针对;志在;以..为目标 8. aim (sth.) at (sb./sth.) one’s gun the enemy 把枪瞄准敌人 他力求准确。 accuracy aim ________ at ________ He aimed at . 译:I didn’t aim my remarks at you. Our school must aim at improving its education system. Bejing, Mar. 18 – China will continue to improve macro control measures _____ (aim) at economic growth not only effective in speed, but also in quality. aimed

  14. 8. Complete the sentences with the words in the list. You do not need all of them. should ought suggest rather would insist better time had 1. If I were you, I ______ cover my bare arms. The sun is strong. 2. You’d ______ start saving for your pension. would better

  15. 3. His boss ______ that he work longer hours so he resigned. 4. I think you ______ to tell your husband you’re pregnant. 5. You ____ better avoid carrying heavy weights. insisted ought had

  16. 6. It’s ____ you started thinking abut your future. 7. I’d ______ you didn’t bite your fingernails in front of me. 8. I _______ that they use hydrogen to power the rocket. 9. I think we ______ change the format of the book a little. time rather suggest should

  17. 9. Use the words in brackets to paraphrase the sentences. 1) He __________________ his career plans. 2) I’d ____________________ music late at night. 3) We ____________________________ _________ the money more carefully. 4) If ___________________ finance. had better change rather you didn’t play insist that the committee manage I were you, I’d study

  18. 5) It’s about ____________________ for a job. 6) Her teachers _____________________ longer skirts. 7) I ___________________ more smartly for work. 8) Jim ____________ a doctor before it gets any worse. time he started looking demanded that she wear ’d rather you dressed had better see