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Network Solutions - IT Globalization and Deployment PowerPoint Presentation
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Network Solutions - IT Globalization and Deployment

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Network Solutions - IT Globalization and Deployment - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Visit - Percento Technologies has a team of industry professionals who can assist your company walk along the path towards globalization.

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About Us

Percento Technologies International (Percento) is your One-Call Source for IT solutions. Percento personalizes the IT experience for your organization with solutions custom tailored for the issues your business faces.

Percento seeks to maximize your realized return on investment, while minimizing the impact to your business. Additionally, Percento Technologies is able to provide a form of complete care that is often overlooked by our competitors. To meet the ever changing needs of our client base, Percento adopted a divisional approach to solving IT problems.

Percento's Professional Services Division is equipped to handle all your consulting requirements. Our consultants will work with you to ensure that your information technology is being effectively utilized and fulfilling all the needs of your business. Our consultants can assist you with IT analysis and review, infrastructure and system design, turnkey deployment, future planning, and a host of additional services.


Our Motivation


We work closely with our clients to define our role on each project. By combining our clients' objectives with our consultants' expertise, we develop a joint approach to solving the business challenges that face our clients and we do in the most cost effective way. Give us a call to find out how we can work for you.


Percento Technologies International strives to be a "One Call Source" for all technology services and solutions. Our consultants can work with you to provide innovative designs that satisfy your technology needs, professional implementation to ensure quality, and uncompromising support allowing you to focus on running your business.


Major Service Areas

=> IT Outsourcing

=> IT Systems Audit

=> Website Design and Development

=> Custom Application Development

=> Data and Voice Cabling Services

=> Business Telephone Systems

=> T-1 Broadband Communications


Contact Us

Percento Technologies International

Houston, Texas

Two Westlake Park

580 Westlake Park Boulevard

Suite 110

Houston, Texas 77079

Toll Free Tel 1-800-614-7886

Outside the US call: +01 (281) 598.2235