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Mordin’s Maze PowerPoint Presentation
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Mordin’s Maze

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Mordin’s Maze
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Mordin’s Maze

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  1. Mordin’s Maze

  2. The Story of Mordin’s Maze A knight far from home and seeking shelter, happened upon what appeared to be an abandoned castle. In reality, it was the abode of Mordin the Sorcerer. The knight was received and provided with food and drink containing a potion that rendered him senseless. When his head cleared, the knight found that he was in a room in the depths of the castle. His gaze fell on a stone tablet leaning against a nearby wall with this message:

  3. You are about to enter Mordin’s Maze. If you wish to be freed, you must make correct judgments as you travel through five rooms. At each decision point, you will find a choice of doors to pass through. You will be guided by a sign on each door. Select the correct one, and you will continue on your way through the maze. All other doors lead to “dead” ends, from which there is no escape or return. Be warned: signs may be true or false.

  4. Only one of these signs is false This is the door you should go through. The First Choice

  5. Wrong Choice!

  6. Correct! Continue on your quest…

  7. These signs are both false This is the way to go. The Second Choice

  8. Wrong Choice!

  9. Correct! Continue on your quest…

  10. Exactly two of these signs are false This is the door to go through Enter the next room through this door The Third Choice

  11. Wrong Choice!

  12. Correct! Continue on your quest…

  13. Do not go through Door C At least one of these signs is false If door A is not the one to go through, then door B is. The Fourth Choice

  14. Wrong Choice!

  15. Correct! Continue on your quest…

  16. These signs are all false The sign on door A is true This is the correct door to open The Fifth Choice

  17. Wrong Choice!

  18. Correct! You have made it through all five passageways and have conquered Mordin’s Maze!