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Goals & Gorillas

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Goals & Gorillas - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Goals & Gorillas. How an ape made his dream come true. We’re going to learn . How to achieve our goals using the SMART technique. Once upon a time. a long time ago. far, far away. miles away from here. t here lived a gorilla. His name was Gorm .

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Goals & Gorillas

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    Presentation Transcript
    1. Goals & Gorillas How an ape made his dream come true

    2. We’re going to learn How to achieve our goals using the SMART technique

    3. Once upon a time

    4. a long time ago

    5. far, far away

    6. miles away from here

    7. there lived a gorilla.

    8. His name was Gorm.

    9. Gorm wanted to be a world-famous musician

    10. Now, the other monkeys

    11. when they heard this

    12. reacted with

    13. Pity Disbelief Polite smiles But mainly

    14. laughter

    15. This upset Gorm.

    16. Now Gormhad a fairy godfather called Desmond

    17. Desmond had a strange dress sense

    18. and a tough view of the world

    19. And once Desmond had finished calling Gorm a fool he said

    20. “You’ve got to be SMART Gorm!”

    21. So Gorm went to the library to help him become ‘SMART’

    22. “Not that sort of smart, fool! SMART”, bellowed Desmond- “S.M.A.R.T”

    23. What are the benefits of Desmond’s SMART approach?

    24. Gorm went away and rethought his goal

    25. “be a musician” was not S.M.A.R.T

    26. Gorm made his dream more SPECIFIC “I want to learn to play the bagpipes”

    27. Gorm made his dream more MEASURABLE “I want to reach Grade 1 on the bagpipes”

    28. Gorm made his dream more ACHIEVABLE “OK. Maybe not world-famous … yet … just a musician.”

    29. Gorm could not make his dream more RELEVANT “Music’s all I’ve ever loved” It isn’t of any use choosing something to focus on that you have no interest in or want to get better at.

    30. Gorm made his dream more TIME-FOCUSED “I want to reach Grade 1 on the bagpipes by the end of June.”

    31. So this:“be a world famous musician”

    32. Had become this:reach Grade 1 on the bagpipes by the end of June

    33. Anyway

    34. Just thinking about his dream like this made Gorm feel like he could do it

    35. And with time, he did indeed achieve his dream

    36. Once upon a time

    37. Over to you… Get into pairs 2. Try developing a SMART target for either your given character strength/personal target or a particular aspect of your teaching. 3. Be prepared to share this. Remember to be S.M.A.R.T