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TEAM DICHISENI. HERE IS OUR SCHOOL. General School Dichiseni is an organization with open doors, which it depends of the background where it acts and it must develop to adapt for a definite social background, which is in rapid and unpredictably changeability.

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here is our school

General School Dichiseni is an organization with open doors, which it depends of the background where it acts and it must develop to adapt for a definite social background, which is in rapid and unpredictably changeability.

The goal of our school:-The assurance of elementary education for all the children.-The child’s capacity with knowledge and abilities to develop the effective and creative reference to a social and material background to allow the continuance of education.

-The assurance of an optimum professional and scholastic direction in relation with the pupils’ abilities and aspirations.

-Active participation in educational projects together with schools from Romania and other European countries.

Our program start at 8AM and finish usually at 1or 2 PM.

dichiseni team is formed by
Dichiseni team is formed by:

We are from left to right:

Dragos, Florentina, Andreea, Daiana and Alecu and we want to know more about another countries culture and to improve our English. The day when we took photos was a very sunny day but cold and previous day was a snow storm very bad.

these are we
These are we …

My name is Ionela Florentina Toma,I am 13 years old, I live in Dichiseni village, Calarasi district and I learn in Dichiseni school .In this school are very good students, they learn well. I like a lot of Math classes,Romanian,English,French, the otherclasses I like less.I really like the school, to meet with my colleagues,to play with them. .I understand very well with my teachers and my colleagues.We have nice school and we keep it as is.I’m a good girl,beautiful.

I want to learn more about other pupils.


My name is Alecu Dimancescu and I have 12 years.I live in Romania.I like a lots of things: football,computer games and to watch TV. I have many friends,that’s way I like to spend my time with them (have fun together). My favorit season is winter and I like snow and I also like to swim.When I grow I want to became judge.This is me and my dreams.

PS: I want to discover your hobbies and dreams 


MynameisAndreea Daniela Carata ,I have fourteen years old.I’m in 7th class. I’m learning in Dichiseni school, withI-VIII classes,I’m from Romania. Disciplines that I like very much are: English, French, Romanian, Geography, History, Physics, Chemistry.On weekesnds I like to sit at computer to talk all day long with my friends on mess or to play conquizstador (which is an online general culture game).

in right photo you can see our town hall our village is small at about 1800 inhabitants
In right photo you can see our town hall. Our village is small: at about 1800 inhabitants.

My name is Daiana Mitu. I am 13 years old and I live in Dichiseni, a small village from county Calarasi. I’am in 7Th grade. My mother is shop assistant and my father is constructor. I have a brother adorable and I love him very much. I like to go to school and I love to learn but I also like to watch TV  and sleeping for hours. My favorite dish is roast-chicken and crisps. I like music very much and I like volleyball and tennis. I love all sports even boxing but I don’t practice everything. In every weekend me and my friends play handball,football, (boys are very proud when they gain). I don’ t go at a sport club but I am very glad when there are a competition at school or between schools.

My school is a small one. There are at about 200 pupils(7-14 years old). I study:Romanian,French(1st foreign language),English (2nd foreign language),Biology,Math, Chemistry, Physics, ICT-computers,History,Sport,Geography,Technology.I like very much Physics,Chemistry,ICT,Biology.

 I am waiting your reply

Bye, Daiana

we like sports very much especially football merely georghe hagi is romanian
We like sports very much, especially football (merely Georghe Hagi is romanian)

My name is Dragos, I have 13 years old, I have a little sister,she have 7 years old. I live in Dichiseni,which is a village in Calarasi district in south east of Romania, near Danube. My hobbies are : football, listen to music, lying down. Can you tell me more about you?

Regards, Dragos

our village is situated in calarasi district on danube borcea branch near bulgarian border
Our village is situated in Calarasi district, on Danube, Borcea Branch, near bulgarian border.

Dichiseni has village residence status and it is situated in the east part of Calarasi district, about 16 km from Calarasi – town on the left side of Borcea branch in an agricol area which represent the main financial source for many residents.

The surface of village is 145 ha and the total surface of administrative territory is 7485 ha.

The link between the villages is realized with buses, cars, bicycles on national road 3B. The available communication ways are: land carriage, waterage.

coslogeni culture
Coslogeni culture

Our village is very known in historical media because here is an archeological site of a prehistorical culture. (Late Bronze Age and Neolithic Age). This culture is related with big Hamangia culture.

The Hamangia is a Middle Neolithic culture in the north of the Balkans whose evolution began during the second half of the sixth millennium BC. It developed in Dobrogea, to the southeast of Muntania and to the northeast of Bulgaria. It originated in the northeast of the Mediterranean and apparently has a cultural heritage that includes the Vinca, Dudesti and Karanovo III cultures. The Hamangia culture is characterized by a strong stability, which hinders our perception of its geographic and chronological evolution.

The Hamangia Culture: Ceramics with carved decorations and anthropomorphic statuettesin terra cotta of exceptional artistic expression.

This conservatism is particularly apparent in the continuity, over a long period, in the artifacts found in tombs. The clay statuary found there is of remarkable artist expression.The Hamangia culture disappeared in the fifth millennium BC, when migrations brought new cultures into the region between the Balkans and Carpathians. Thus, the very dynamic Boian communities assimilated the Hamangia communities during their transition towards the Gumelnita culture. That assimilation contributed to the genesis of a transitional variant of the Gumelnita culture between the Black Sea and the Danube.


We hope you liked our presentation and we are looking forward to see yours and to know about you and your places.See youDichiseni team: Andreea, Daiana, Flori, Alecu and Dragos