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Bell Work. Page 385, 15-2 assessment 1-4. Consumer Protection Actions. 15-3. Common Consumer Problems. Damaged item Wrong item shipped Credit card payment not recorded Product does not work. Top business complaints. Motor vehicle purchases, repairs Deceptive investments

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bell work
Bell Work
  • Page 385, 15-2 assessment 1-4
common consumer problems
Common Consumer Problems
  • Damaged item
  • Wrong item shipped
  • Credit card payment not recorded
  • Product does not work
top business complaints
Top business complaints
  • Motor vehicle purchases, repairs
  • Deceptive investments
  • Identity theft/credit card fraud
  • Guaranteed and advance fee loans
  • Credit repair scams
  • Telemarketing, catalog, and magazine sales
  • Internet auctions, online purchases
  • Prizes, sweepstakes, and phony lottery promotions
  • Work at home and start your own business opportunities
  • Travel and vacation promotions
  • Health and diet gimmicks
deceptive business activities
Deceptive Business Activities
  • Most business scams range from mail to the internet fraud.
  • The most common schemes are on the internet involving the sales of general merchandise.
  • Can also take the form of prizes, sweepstakes and credit card offers.
  • If it sounds to good to be true it probably is.
protection for shoppers
Protection for shoppers
  • Internet and TV shopping protected by federal govt.
    • Must send your item with in 30 days unless specified
    • If there is a delay the seller must notify you
  • If un-received or returned item is billed to your credit card, you have 60 days to dispute it.
    • The company has 30 days to respond.
    • Within 90 days the credit card company must investigate the matter
the complaint process
The complaint process

1. Contact place of purchase

  • Most complaints are settled here
  • Make sure you have documentation

2. Contact company head quarters

  • If place of purchase does not work
  • Contact customer service department
    • Provide the facts
    • Write formal letter/email
    • Explain what action you would like to be take (be specific)
the complaint process cont
The complaint process cont.

3. Involve consumer agency

  • Consider contacting a state, local, or federal agency
    • They are usually specific to types of business
  • If contacting company does not work/satisfy you
  • Contact the Better Business Bureau

4. Take legal action

  • Last resort
  • Third party resolution
  • Class action lawsuit
  • Small claims court
  • Hire a lawyer
legal actions for consumers
Legal actions for consumers
  • Third Party Settlements
    • Mediation- Third party tries to get a compromise
    • Arbitration- Third party has legally binding say
  • Class Action Suits
    • Used when many customers have the same issue
    • Lawyers represents a group of individuals
legal actions cont
Legal actions cont.
  • Small Claims court
    • Resolves cases involving small amounts
    • Limits are $1,000-$10,000 depending on the state
    • Lawyers usually not involved
      • Individuals present the facts and show evidence
      • Witnesses may be used
  • Using a Lawyer
    • If all else fails this is the final step
    • Used when the damages are large amounts of money
      • Research your lawyer
      • Ask him/her many questions
significant purchases
Significant purchases
  • A significant purchase is normally anything over $500.
    • Our bodies go through physiological changes when making a significant purchase.
    • We all have that spoiled, red-faced, grocery store kid living inside of us.
  • Always remember, if you can’t pay cash, you can’t afford it!
buying only big big bargains
Buying only Big, Big Bargains
  • It is proper to get a great deal if you:
    • Have in no way misrepresented the truth.
    • Have not set out to harm the other party.
    • Have created a win-win deal.
  • The first key to opening the door to huge bargains is learning to negotiate everything.
7 basic rules of negotiating
7 Basic Rules of Negotiating
  • Always tell the absolute truth.
  • Use the power of cash
    • Cash is Emotional
    • Cash is visual
    • Cash has immediacy

3. Understand and use “Walk away power”

4. Shut Up

5. “That’s not good enough”

6. Good guy, bad guy.

7. The “If I take away technique”


The second key to opening the door to huge bargains is that you must have patience.

    • Don’t get married to a purchase.
  • The third key to opening the door to huge bargains is that you must know where to find deals.