The environmental pyramid
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The Environmental Pyramid. The Solar Pyramid.

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The environmental pyramid

The Environmental Pyramid

The solar pyramid
The Solar Pyramid

In the Solar Pyramid, sea water goes into the bottom tank. The sun shines onto the glass, which evaporates the water. The water vapour then travels up the double –layered glass and when it gets to the top it turns around the wind turbine which creates energy. When the water vapour condenses it runs down into a water tank to supply the community with water.

The solar pyramid also looks good too, but it can be quite expensive to build. It can cost $10million to build. The good thing is, that using this, it is on 48cents a day per person.

The kolding pyramid
The Kolding Pyramid

The Kolding Pyramid is similar, but it doesn’t produce energy. The sewage water from the block of flats goes into the pyramid. It then evaporates up it, like in the solar pyramid and when it gets to the top it trickles down the 4 layers of plants, watering them. This specific block of flats produce 40,000 plants a year, which they sell. The excess water runs off into a water playground. The left over sewage, they use for compost for the plants.

The environmental pyramid1
The Environmental Pyramid

  • The Environmental Pyramid is a mix of the Kolding and Solar Pyramid.

  • The grey water andsewage is pumped into it it gets filtered. It then evaporates up the glass vents.

  • The force of the water vapour turns a wind turbine, which creates energy to supply the community with electricity.

  • The water then condenses and trickles down the plants.

  • The excess water is used as water for the houses.

What difference do the environmental pyramids make
What Difference do the Environmental Pyramids make?

The Environmental Pyramid will supply the community with clean water.

It will give them electricity for a cheaper cost.

It will grow up to 40,000 plants a year and some of them they may sell.

Will this supply the community with enough supplies
Will this Supply the Community with enough Supplies?

Because the Pyramid grows up to 40,000 plants a year, there will be enough of them.

As long as the community uses water, they will have enough to drink.