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Bell Ringer. The Industrial Revolution led to the rise of the _________________ and the end of the _____________________. Where did the Industrial Revolution begin? Who invented the cotton gin?. Industrial Revolution: Impacts of the Industrial Revolution.

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bell ringer
Bell Ringer
  • The Industrial Revolution led to the rise of the _________________ and the end of the _____________________.
  • Where did the Industrial Revolution begin?
  • Who invented the cotton gin?

The use of child labor in Britain quickly attracted the attention of humanitarians and social reformers. This interest led to investigations by Parliamentary commissions, which resulted in laws limiting the hours and the ages of children working in large factories. Designed to build a case for legislation, parliamentary inquiries gave large numbers of workers a rare chance to speak directly to contemporaries (and to historians).

hearing on the treatment of women
“Hearing on the Treatment of Women”
  • What year was this hearing?
  • At what age did Elizabeth start working at the factory?
  • What type of factory was it?
  • What sort of hours did she work?
  • How many hours per day?
  • Describe the breaks she got during the day of eating and drinking.
  • What happened if Elizabeth slowed down or did sloppy work?
  • What physical problem did Elizabeth end up with?
  • Why did business owners hire women and children for work in factories and mines?
the industrial revolution spreads
The Industrial Revolution Spreads

Britain, Germany, and United States were the most industrialized nations.

environmental impacts
Environmental Impacts
  • Urbanization
  • Improved transportation
  • Air & water pollution

Unplanned City

Manchester, England

human impacts
Human Impacts
  • Increased population
  • Improved standard of living for some, but not all
  • Growth of middle class
  • Increased education
human impacts1
Human Impacts
  • Dissatisfaction of

working class with

working conditions

English Match Girls

rise of labor unions
Rise of Labor Unions

Poor working conditions led to labor unions – associations of workers that want better conditions and worker’s rights.


Shorter work day

  • Minimum wage laws
  • Workplace safety laws
  • Child Labor Laws
  • Women’ssuffrage/rights

Labor Unions Led to Improvements

Suffrage - the right to vote

impact on slavery
Impact on Slavery
  • The cotton gin increased demand for slave labor on American plantations.
  • The United States and Britain outlawed the slave trade and then slavery.
social effects of the industrial revolution
Social Effects of the Industrial Revolution
  • Women and children entered the workplace (cheap labor)
  • Introduction of reforms to end child labor
  • Expansion of


  • Women’s

increased demand

for suffrage

(right to vote)


Read the Testimony of Young Mine Workers as if you are a member of Parliament charged with investigating working conditions.

  • For each source:
  • Identify the author
  • Summarize what is being described
  • Pick a phrase or sentence that IMPACTS you to take action