implicit association test n.
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Implicit Association Test

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Implicit Association Test. A Webquest Created for AP Psychology to coincide with Unit 1 Mr. MacLaughlin. Step 1- Take the Test.

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implicit association test

Implicit Association Test

A Webquest Created for AP Psychology to coincide with Unit 1

Mr. MacLaughlin

step 1 take the test
Step 1- Take the Test
  • Go to the link provided and take the Implicit Association test. You may take several tests here, but be sure to take the Gender Bias test! This will be the focus of our discussion. When you finish with the test, be sure to return to this Webquest for an explanation of steps 2 & 3.
  • Project Implicit
step 2 understanding the test
Step 2- Understanding the Test

After you’ve taken several types of I.A.T. tests, the next step is to read about the test that you took. There will be several questions as to the purpose and validity of the test, and the answers to these questions can be found by using the link provided. After reading this page, please return to this Webquest.

  • Background Information
  • Implicit Association Test- FAQ's
step 2 cont d understanding the test
Step 2 (Cont’d)- Understanding the Test
  • Students will be responsible for writing a review of the IAT test. This review should be academic and critical in nature. The review should summarize the nature, purpose, and design of the test, and also point out any possible flaws. It should provide an explanation of how the test attempts to provide a psychological analysis of possible implicit associations that we develop.
  • After this review, students should also provide a reaction from a personal standpoint about their individual results from the test. Because of the personal nature of the activity, the use of first person is acceptable for this review.
step 3 the research
Step 3- The Research
  • The third and final step to this project is to read and be aware of some of the research that has been done on the topic of Implicit Associations and how they affect behavior. The link provided allows for several different examples of current research on the topic of IAT’s.
  • In general, there are three functions of a review; 1) To describe content, 2)To evaluate the article, and 3) To offer subjective reflections on the article. A good review is not a recitation of content word-for-word. Rather, the review should be informative, analytical and critical.
  • Criticisms should not be made in vague and general statements; they should be grouned in specific evidence from the content of the work. Give specific quotations and citations for areas of particular importance.
step 3 cont d the research
Step 3 (Cont’d)- The Research
  • Students are to select two different articles and write article reviews about the evidence of Implicit Associations in current research.
  • The research is at the link provided below.
    • Implicit Association Test- The Research