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Unit 25

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Unit 25. General Comfort Measures. Objectives. Spell and define terms. Discuss the reasons for early morning and bedtime care. Identify patients who require frequent oral hygiene. List the purposes of oral hygiene. Objectives.

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unit 25

Unit 25

General Comfort Measures

  • Spell and define terms.
  • Discuss the reasons for early morning and bedtime care.
  • Identify patients who require frequent oral hygiene.
  • List the purposes of oral hygiene.
  • Explain nursing assistant responsibilities for a patient’s dentures.
  • State the purpose of backrubs.
  • Describe safety precautions when shaving a patient.
  • Describe the importance of hair care.
  • Explain the use of comfort devices.
am care and pm care
AM Care and PM Care
  • Early morning (AM) care
    • Prepares patient for a day of activities
  • Bedtime (PM) care
    • Prepares patient for a night of rest
early morning am care
Early Morning (AM) Care
  • Early morning or AM care
    • Helps set the tone for the entire day
bedtime pm care
Bedtime (PM) Care
  • Care given to a patient just before bedtime
    • Similar to that given in the early morning
    • Bedtime care is called PM care
oral hygiene
Oral Hygiene
  • Care of the mouth and teeth
    • You will assist patients with toothbrushing and flossing, as needed
  • Occasionally, you will encounter a patient with no teeth and no dentures
    • Patient still needs regular oral hygiene
  • Artificial teeth that are removable
  • Some patients may have a full set of dentures
    • Other patients may have partial plates that are removable but attach to existing teeth by small metal clips
  • Partial plates should be given the same care as full dentures
  • When properly given, a backrub can be:
    • Stimulating to the patient’s circulation
    • A major aid in preventing skin breakdown
    • Soothing
    • Refreshing
daily shaving
Daily Shaving
  • Daily shaving is part of the routine self-care of most men
    • It should not be neglected in a care facility
  • When patients are unable to shave themselves and a barber is not available
    • Shaving them is your responsibility
daily hair care
Daily Hair Care
  • Daily care of the hair, for both male and female patients
    • Usually performed after the patient’s bed bath
    • Hair should be combed and brushed each morning
comfort devices
Comfort Devices
  • Physician, nurse, or physical therapist orders comfort devices such as the following:
    • Bed cradles
    • Footboards
    • Pillows
elimination needs
Elimination Needs
  • Regular elimination of body wastes is essential to maintaining health
  • Always cover the bedpan, urinal, and commode receptacle when taking to the bathroom or utility room to empty
  • Avoid contaminating environmental surfaces with your used gloves
one glove technique
One-Glove Technique
  • Some facilities:
    • Require health care providers to use one-glove technique when removing bedpans, urinals, and other contaminated items
    • Gloves are worn on both hands when the contaminated item is removed