slac users organization report from the chair of the executive committee n.
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SLAC Users’ Organization Report from the Chair of the Executive Committee PowerPoint Presentation
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SLAC Users’ Organization Report from the Chair of the Executive Committee

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SLAC Users’ Organization Report from the Chair of the Executive Committee - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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SLAC Users’ Organization Report from the Chair of the Executive Committee. Gregory Dubois-Felsmann Caltech SLAC Annual Users’ Meeting 26 September 2005. SLUO activities 2004-2005. The Executive Committee SLUO elections Reports from the subcommittees Future directions.

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SLAC Users’ Organization Report from the Chair of the Executive Committee

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slac users organization report from the chair of the executive committee

SLAC Users’ OrganizationReport from the Chair of the Executive Committee

Gregory Dubois-FelsmannCaltechSLAC Annual Users’ Meeting26 September 2005

Gregory Dubois-Felsmann

sluo activities 2004 2005
SLUO activities 2004-2005
  • The Executive Committee
  • SLUO elections
  • Reports from the subcommittees
  • Future directions

Gregory Dubois-Felsmann

sluo executive committee
SLUO Executive Committee

2004-2005 Committee

Gregory Dubois-Felsmann

sluo executive committee1
SLUO Executive Committee

Outgoing committee members

Gregory Dubois-Felsmann

how to join us
How to join us
  • Any user is welcome to serve on the EC
    • As I’ll hope to convince you…The work is interesting and new contributions are needed!
  • Nominations are made by the Institutional Representatives
    • Lunch-time meeting today (Orange Room)
  • If you are interested in serving, please…
    • Let your Institutional Representative know
    • Ask any of us on the EC for more information

Gregory Dubois-Felsmann

sluo elections
SLUO Elections
  • An election is held from the set of nominees by e-mail, a few weeks later (mid-to-late October)
    • Nominees must be confirmed as candidates
    • Candidate statements are solicited and posted on the web
  • Every user is eligible to vote
    • You have four votes to allocate as you see fit:
      • One to each of four candidates
      • All four to a single candidate
    • This is intended to help balance the representation on the EC among large and small groups
  • The top four recipients of votes join the EC
    • The new EC selects its own officers

Gregory Dubois-Felsmann

subcommittees of sluo
Subcommittees of SLUO
  • Computing
    • Relationship of users with SLAC computing
    • Rosenberg (chair), Cowan, Kolomensky, Lange, Torrence
  • Outreach
    • Public lectures and other outside communication
    • Cowan (chair), Dixon, Sciolla, Telnov
  • Public Meetings
    • SLUO lectures, grad. student seminars, Annual Meeting planning
    • Sciolla (chair), Dixon, Giebels, Telnov - and Sokoloff
  • Quality of Life
    • Health insurance, accommodations, user experience on site
    • Torrence (chair), Giebels, Lange, Schumm
  • Washington Trip
    • Communication with our elected representatives & executive branch
    • Soffer (chair), Dubois-Felsmann, Kolomensky, Rosenberg, Schumm, Telnov

Gregory Dubois-Felsmann

slac public lecture series
SLAC Public Lecture Series
  • Bi-monthly series, non-scientist-oriented
  • Lecturers generally are SLAC/SSRL users and staff
  • An important outreach effort
  • Sponsored by SLAC’s Office of Communication, SLUO, and SSRL UO

Gregory Dubois-Felsmann

public lectures in the last year
Public Lectures in the Last Year
  • Roger Blandford: The Runaway Universe
    • October 2004. Attendance: 300
  • Joachim Stöhr: Physical Attraction:The Mysteries

of Magnetism

    • December 2004. Attendance: 250
  • Mike Peskin: Profiling the Invisible: Quantum

Mechanics and the Unseen Universe

    • February 2005. Attendance: 275
  • Clyde Smith: Smarter Drugs: How Protein

Crystallography Revolutionizes Drug Design

    • April 2005. Attendance: 225
  • Philip Bucksbaum: The Physics of Super Lasers
    • June 2005. Attendance: 250
  • Boris Kayser: Neutrinos Get Under Your Skin
    • August 2005. Attendance: 300

Gregory Dubois-Felsmann

upcoming slac public lectures
Upcoming SLAC Public Lectures
  • October 2005: TBA
  • December 2005: Archimedes at Stanford
    • Uwe Bergmann (SSRL)
  • Advertising
    • SLAC Connections, flyers, web
    • Stanford media
    • NPR rush-hour radio spots
  • Watch the Public Lecture Series web page for upcoming lecture

Gregory Dubois-Felsmann

public meetings
Public Meetings
  • Organizing the Annual Users’ Meeting
  • SLUO Lecture Series
    • Past lecture series, e.g., on detectors and statistics;lecture notes still available through the Users’ Office
  • New initiative in the past year:

Graduate Student Seminars

    • SLUO joined by Mike Sokoloff in organizing this
    • Emphasis on continuing education for students stationed here
  • Next: A new SLUO lecture series organized with KIPAC

Gregory Dubois-Felsmann

seminars primarily for graduate students encouraged by and helped by sluo
Seminars (primarily) for Graduate Students(encouraged by, and helped by, SLUO)

Tutorials given by Pat Burchat and Aaron Roodman; more coming.

Gregory Dubois-Felsmann

quality of life
Quality of Life
  • In previous years, SLUO has addressed:
    • Office space
    • On-site accommodation (the Guest House)
  • Main focus this year has been:
    • Health insurance for visiting users
  • This committee always needs your input in order to define its priorities!

Gregory Dubois-Felsmann

health insurance for visitors
Health Insurance for Visitors
  • Adequate health insurance is a serious issue for everyone
    • The U.S. health care system is expensive and can be difficult to navigate
  • SLUO encourages all users to consider whether they have adequate coverage while staying at SLAC
    • Institutions can help by alerting their members to this need and assisting them in finding and arranging insurance
  • Options can be difficult to find, even for “locals”
  • SLUO set out to help…
  • More information will be released officially soon

Gregory Dubois-Felsmann

health insurance for visitors1
Health Insurance for Visitors
  • Much assistance from Lee Lyon

Scholars Plan

* Full featured HMO-based health plan with range of options

* Can include dental coverage

* Potentially better coverage for similar costs for people

far from home institution/HMO coverage area


* Grad student access to Vaden student health center

* Not free, but less than market rates

* Probably much more convenient, used to dealing with students

Blue Shield Short Term

* Users eligible to enroll in BS short term plans

* Significant restrictions, read details carefully:

* May be useful if you have absolutely no other coverage.

Gregory Dubois-Felsmann

washington trip
Washington Trip
  • 14 SLUO members and 16 FNAL UEC members went to Washington for 3 days in March
  • Together, had 125 meetings in Congressional offices and staff of key committees
    • About 2/3 of attempted appointments resulted in actual meetings
  • Meetings with staff from OMB, OSTP, DOE, NSF
  • Our message was the need for increased support for Office of Science and physical sciences as a whole, not just HEP
  • The message resonated well
    • Many Congressional staffers conveyed a sense that underinvestment in the physical sciences has reached a dangerous level and needs to be reversed
    • Interest in the perspective of the user and university community

Gregory Dubois-Felsmann

washington trip1
Washington Trip
  • We advertised a Senate “Dear Colleague” letter in support of increasing the Office of Science budget
    • Began circulation while we were in DC
    • Finally signed by 68 senators (compared with 55 last year)
  • Meeting with Rep. Adam Schiff (CA) resulted in a similar House letter
    • Final signature count: 121
  • House and Senate bills slightly increased 2006 Office of Science budget relative to the President’s request
  • Continued effort after returning from Washington
    • Encouraged offices we met with to sign the Dear Colleague letters
    • Working on contacting Congress to ensure conference on the energy bill adopts the House-passed HEP budget, which is higher than in the Senate bill
    • Looking into the possibility of a fall visit to Washington, mostly to discuss 2007 budget with OMB

Gregory Dubois-Felsmann

future directions
Future directions

Adapt to changing structure of the laboratory

More fully incorporate KIPAC and GLAST visitors

SLUO Thesis Prize

Your input is very much needed

Your ideas

Your participation (on the EC or with us)

Gregory Dubois-Felsmann

two more key people
Two more key people

Olga Iakovleva

Users’ Office Admin

Fran Spiller

Users’ Office Admin emerita

Many thanks to them for their serviceto the user community, past and present!

Gregory Dubois-Felsmann