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Integrated Literacy Assignment PowerPoint Presentation
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Integrated Literacy Assignment

Integrated Literacy Assignment

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Integrated Literacy Assignment

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  1. Integrated Literacy Assignment By: Brittany Gillette

  2. G.L.C.E.K- C2.0.1 Identify our country’s flag as an important symbol of the United States.

  3. Integrated books Our National AnthemNorman PearlIllustrated by Matthew SkeensFrancis Scott Key, author of the U.S. National Anthem, is the perfect narrator for this book. He gives an account of how he came to be on a ship that witnessed the battle at Fort McHenry in 1814. His song describes the fight, and readers learn how he wrote the song as a poem with four verses. The book is informative and includes vocabulary words such as anthem, pride, banner, freedom, and united. All words to the song are included as Key wrote them, and following the text the anthem and its music are printed as we sing it today. Student readers will be able to identify the song they may hear before ballgames, at school, and at other special events. Add this book from the "American Symbols" series to classes of students in grades K through 2 and they will gain information that will be expanded upon in later grades. 2006, Picture Window Books, $23.95. Ages 5 to 7. The Pledge of AllegianceNorman PearlIllustrated by Matthew SkeensNorman Pearl creates yet another enticing introduction to an important American symbol with this work about the Pledge of Allegiance. Francis Bellamy, the author of the pledge, narrates the story of its conception. Bellamy, who worked for a magazine called The Youth’s Companion, wrote the pledge so that students around the country would have something to recite on the 400th anniversary of Columbus sailing to America. The pledge, which originally did not include the phrases “under God” and “the flag of the United States of America,” quickly became a regular part of the school day. Pearl breaks down what several of the terms in the pledge mean, including justice, allegiance, and republic. The posture one should have when saying the pledge is covered as well. The amount of facial expression Matthew Skeens achieves with his edgy, geometric style is surprising. The cross-section of Americans represented is indicative of the more accurate histories that authors and illustrators are creating now. Like the rest of the books in the “American Symbols” series, the author has included a glossary, facts, and a list of additional resources. This book is perfect for beginner historians. 2007, Picture Window, $23.93. Ages 5 to 9. Reviewer: Kristy Lyn Sutorius

  4. Integrated books continued I Pledge Allegiance Bill Martin Jr. and Michael Sampson This book allows children to understand the confusing big words of the pledge of allegiance. The Flag Keeper Stacy Juba A little bear helps her father put the flag up everyday. She shows the biggest respect for the flag. Even while her father is away she continues her duties.

  5. Songs day song “ You’re a grand old flag” i3JGTSY The Pledge of Allegiance

  6. Videos and Art • Learn Flag Train 1 - learning national flags of countries for kids – YouTube • Flag Day Song for Kids (how to draw an american flag) DidiPop Kids Music - YouTube •

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