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History of Laredo!. power point created By Daniela Salinas. Informant. My Uncle Odie Arambula Laredo Times Journalist. The Beginning of Laredo. Laredo was established in the year 1755, by Tomas Sanchez.

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History of laredo

History of Laredo!

power point created

By Daniela Salinas


My Uncle Odie Arambula Laredo Times Journalist

The beginning of laredo
The Beginning of Laredo

  • Laredo was established in the year 1755, by Tomas Sanchez.

  • Sanchez used to work with Jacinto de Leon, and they found what is now known as El Paso de Jacinto.

  • It was a low water crossing stretch where Indians and others would walk across the Rio Grande River.

Laredo s international bridge
Laredo’s International Bridge

  • The International Bridge was built in 1889.

  • Prior to that people used chalanes (boats) to cross from Laredo to Nuevo Laredo.

  • The crossing from the bridge had improved the International trade in Laredo.

Laredo s population increase
Laredo’s population increase

  • The roads where build in 1891, that brought Anglos to Laredo along with many others to increase the work population.

  • The World War I and Fort Mac Intosh was established by bringing Military people to Laredo.

  • The fort was then closed in the 1940’s.

The air force base
The Air Force Base

  • Air force personnel were being trained to use machine guns to fight in the military.

  • Military men settled with women from the local area and that improved the Laredo’s population with mixed cultures.

  • The Base was soon closed in the year of 1970’s after President’s Richard Nixon visit to Laredo.

Laredo s down town
Laredo’s Down Town

  • One of Laredo’s well known landmarks, is the San Agustin Church located in the Down Town area.

  • Also located is the San Agustin Plaza and La Posada Hotel.

  • Laredo only had one high school named Laredo High School, it was located what is now known as La Posada hotel.

Martin high school
Martin High School

  • Martin High School was built in 1936, and had its first graduating class in 1937, but those were students from Laredo High School.

  • Laredo High School closed down, it became a middle school where every child in Laredo attended.

Laredo s big flood
Laredo’s Big Flood

  • A dramatic event that happened to Laredo was the big flood in 1954.

  • Thanks to this disaster the International Bridge collapsed and had to be rebuilt.

  • Due to the delay families were affected, and the crossing from Laredo to Nuevo Laredo was stopped, causing people to use the chalanes once more.

The conclusion
The Conclusion

  • Laredo has grown by making changes but by keeping the significant meanings of history.

  • Rail Roads are still being used to import goods made in Mexico through the International Free Trade Agreement.

  • There are now four International Bridges, one of them for the sole purpose of import and export.


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