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Indiana Summer Food Service Program PowerPoint Presentation
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Indiana Summer Food Service Program

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Indiana Summer Food Service Program
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Indiana Summer Food Service Program

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  1. Indiana Summer Food Service Program

  2. Summer Food Service Program (SFSP) • SFSP is a federal feeding program designed to make a difference by meeting the nutritional needs of low income children during the summer months and extended school breaks. • The IDOE administers the program on the state level. • Sponsoring agencies work with approved feeding sites to provide ready-to-serve meals to children at approved meal service locations.

  3. Hunger Problem in the Central Indiana • A small percentage of children eligible for free and reduced priced meals during the school year receive free meals during the summer. • Although Indiana had over 1000feeding sites statewide, some areas continue to be underserved. Thank You for Caring!

  4. Site Eligibility Criteria for SFSP Site Eligibility - More than 50% of the students in the nearby school must qualify for free or reduced school lunch program during the school year. Due to the high number of free and reduced students in Marion County, most areas will qualify for the SFSP. Sites can operate as open or enrolled feeding locations

  5. Participant Eligibility • Children18 years old and younger • and anyone still participating in educational programming during the regular school year that is determined by a State or local educational agency to have mental or physical disabilities

  6. The Greatest Need 1. So-called food deserts where children have currently no or minimal access to free meals. 2. Areas where existing sites serve a small number of enrolled children or operate for a short period of time. 3. Any program that plans to offer educational or recreational activities but has no or minimal meal service.

  7. Next Steps • Contact the community partner you may have worked with in the past (Indy Parks, Gleaners, etc.) about the potential partnership. Do it as soon as possible. • If you need help finding a partnering agency that is already an experienced SFSP sponsor, contact our office. • Contact the IDOE, if you want to be added to our outreach mailing list or need more information about site requirements or program eligibility.

  8. Contact IDOE Indiana Department of Education Office of School and Community Nutrition Tina Skinner at (317) 232-0858 or