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Inspiring learning through excellence in teaching and learning support: a view from the HEA

Inspiring learning through excellence in teaching and learning support: a view from the HEA. Prof Philippa Levy DCE Academic Practice. SHU Annual Teaching Conference 2013. 19 June 2013. HEA mission.

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Inspiring learning through excellence in teaching and learning support: a view from the HEA

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  1. Inspiring learning through excellence in teaching and learning support: a view from the HEA • Prof Philippa Levy DCE Academic Practice • SHU Annual Teaching Conference 2013 • 19 June 2013

  2. HEA mission • “To use our expertise and resources to support individual staff, disciplinary and interdisciplinary teams, and higher education communities and institutions in general to enhance the quality and impact of learning and teaching.”

  3. Our priorities To inspire and support effective practice in learning and teaching To recognise, reward and accredit excellent teaching To influence policy, future thinking and institutional change

  4. Excellence in teaching & learning support informed, committed action that inspires engaged, transformative student learning academic learning + skills + ways of being

  5. Engagement high impact pedagogies + a sense of belonging • “the time and effort students devote to activities that are empirically linked to desired outcomes of college and what institutions do to induce students to participate in these activities” Kuh(2009) • “improving the motivation of students to engage in learning and to learn independently; the participation of students in quality enhancement and quality assurance processes, resulting in the improvement of their educational experience” QAA Quality Code (2012) • c60% of students say they want to be involved in the design of their education (NUS/QAA 2012)

  6. Transformation challenge - co-creation - contact - belonging - feedback “To say after my first year I wanted to pack in Uni and not do it. It’s a massive turnaround to how I feel now. I never would have envisaged that I would love it so much and want to carry on. University has given me different things than what I hoped, like things I wouldn’t have expected. It has changed me. I didn’t think it would, but it has. Things like the interests I’ve got out of my course. It’s like a whole other world has opened up. It’s like a little gateway. There’s things out there that I didn’t know. That’s one of the best things. That’s what makes it so exciting. I think I can achieve so much more” (‘Sally’ cf. Levy & Petrulis 2012)

  7. Teaching and learning excellence partnership strategic priorities pedagogies of engagement & transformation leadership initial & continuing development recognition innovation reward scholarship cultural change professional standards (UKPSF) - evidence

  8. Strategic Themes and Leadership 1 • Assessment and Feedback • Education for Sustainable Development • Employability • Flexible Learning • Internationalisation • Retention and Success • Reward and Recognition • Students as Partners • Online Learning

  9. Strategic Themes and Leadership 2 • Recognition and Recording of Student Achievement (HEAR) • Grade Point Average (GPA) • Student Feedback for Enhancement – PTES redesign, NSSE pilot (review of NSS) • Change Programmes • Leading Transformation in Learning and Teaching LTLT • L&T Deans’ Network

  10. Recognising and rewarding Increasing profile of NTFS incl. mapping to UKPSF Supporting recognition incl. for technicians and other professional groups Change programmes - RETE 2012-13 Recognising Teaching Excellence; 2014 Promotion 2013 UK/Australia academic promotion benchmarking project: Evidence Framework 2014 HEA projects on formal peer review for promotions

  11. Recognising & supporting development Remaining in good standing: “Continuing to work in accordance with the standard indicated by the relevant Fellow Descriptor of the UKPSF and the associated statements of the Code of Conduct” New Code of Conduct for Fellows HEA CPD aligned to UKPSF and credit-bearing (points) HEA approval of CPD provided by professional associations/learned societies A collaborative approach to Fellowship – HEA and professional/learned societies

  12. Partnership

  13. Priority themes in disciplines Arts & Humanities: internationalisation of curriculum; outward mobility; creativity, innovation, professional practice; entrepreneurship & employability Health & Social Care: placement & workplace learning (second sector partnerships), simulation learning, innovative curriculum and learning design STEM:Mathsand statistical skills, tackling transition, laboratory learning incl. simulations & lab technicians who teach (technician of the year awards), students as researchers Social Sciences: teaching research methods, active & experiential learning, employability & global citizenship; professional areas undergoing curriculum and course structure change

  14. Pedagogic research & scholarship • Towards an HEA position on PedR&S • Inclusive definition - context, scale, focus, methodology • e.g. “Framing questions; gathering and exploring evidence; trying out and refining new insights in practice; going public with what is learned” (Carnegie) • Acknowledged in professional standards (UKPSF) • Fundamental element of teacher practice, CPD and teaching excellence (individuals and communities) • Connecting with institutional research • Working with students as partners • Supporting development and endorsing inclusion in REF

  15. Some questions for institutions “SoTLinvolves reflection on and enquiry into teaching and its impacts on learning. Is informal reflection sufficient or does SoTL refer to a more formal process of research into practice? Is it necessary to undertake research into teaching or is it sufficient to be informed and use the outcomes of research? Are there developmental stages in becoming a scholar of teaching? Should SoTLfocus on contexts beyond the classroom? Is it situated only within disciplines? (Vardi 2011) Are SoTL expectations different for ‘teaching only’ and research/teaching roles?

  16. Commissioned research 2013-14 Strategic priorities: impact of HE reforms, and teaching excellence. Projects will include:

  17. Opportunities and activities

  18. Events, Courses and Resources • Annual Conference • Discipline Cluster Conferences • Summits, Workshops, Seminars (more Online) • New To Teaching Residentials, and Toolkit • Change and Leadership Programmes (incl. with LFHE) • Scholarly Journals • Resources Centre • Grants (TDGs, PhDs, International • Scholarships)

  19. Prof David Donaldson University of Stirling Dr Judy Hardy Edinburgh University Supervisors of HEA Funded Students Prof Bernie Carter University of Central Lancashire Dr Sally Wiggins University of Strathclyde Dr Shaaron Ainsworth Nottingham University Dr Paul Ashwin Lancaster University Dr Clare Madge University of Leicester Prof Clare Holdsworth Keele University Prof Sue Jackson Birkbeck University of London Dr Nicola Callow, Dr Calum Arthur Dr James Hardy Bangor University Dr Georgina Randsley de Moura University of Kent Prof John Grattan Aberystwyth University Prof Rachel Brooks University of Surrey Prof Wendy Robinson University of Exeter Prof Jonathan Parker Bournemouth University

  20. Dr Catriona Bell Ms Harriet Harriss Dr Peter Willmot Professor Sir Ron Cooke International Scholars 2012/13 Dr Chris Shei Prof Karla Pollmann Dr Simon Forrest Dr Catherine Easton Dr Sergio Altomonte Prof Glenn Hardaker Dr Jonathan Parker Dr Jacqueline Akhurst Dr Jennifer Loke Prof Gina Wisker Prof Mary Luckhurst

  21. Thank You We look forward to seeing you at our Annual Conference 3rd-4th July 2013, or book for live online streamed sessions “Powerful Partnerships: Defining the Learning Experience” We are launching 2 new awards: HEA student and staff partnership award: Local partnerships between staff and students that benefit the student experience HEA and NUS joint Students’ Union and institution partnership award: strategic partnerships between students’ unions and institutions that benefit the student experience

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