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Frogs?. By: Kayla B. Pd.2 Ms. Miller. Why are frogs so important?.

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By: Kayla B.


Ms. Miller

Why are frogs so important
Why are frogs so important?

Frogs are very important to humans and the environment. Exactly how? Well frogs are food for other animals in the food chain and help those other animals survive. Without the frogs the other animals would die of starvation. Frogs also eat bad insects or keep the insect population down. Would you really want a swarm of mosquitoes swarming over you all the time? Frogs help that not happen. Frogs can even be used as cures for human diseases. Frogs help us live!

Why are frogs declining
Why are frogs declining?

Frogs and their homes are being destroyed way too often. Roadways are being built where frogs cross all the time, so people are running them over! Pollution is another big reason frogs are declining. Air pollution causes global warming which is causing sea levels to rise. That destroys frog homes. It also makes the air toxic and frogs breathe through their skin. If they breathe that bad air they will die. Also some people release non-native species into the wild. The non-native species will make the food chain unbalanced and frogs are easy prey to them. Even diseases get into the frogs body and it causes mutations in tadpoles and kills many other frogs.

How can we save them
How can we save them?

These are simple things that people tell you to do every day! So we don’t waste fossil fuels, put them in the air and cause pollution and global warming, use less electricity! Turn your lights off after you’re done using them! Also, since many frogs die in a pool make a mini raft or board so they can get out. It would also really help if you built a mini pond for the frogs. It would give them more habitat. These things are simple and very helpful to frogs. So try it out!

Frog calls
Frog calls

Here’s a recording that I have from my backyard at night. (Ignore the bird sounds) You can hear spring peepers and Upland chorus frogs.