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Design for Developing Nations- Spring 2012

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Design for Developing Nations- Spring 2012 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Design for Developing Nations- Spring 2012. Kevin Conway (ME), Andrew Garland (ME), Avash Joshi (ME), Kylie Rhoades (ME) and Jordan Shields (ME) Mentor: Dr. DeBartolo. Project Description. Identify methods to harvest waste power generated by people for end use in Haiti.

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design for developing nations spring 2012

Design for Developing Nations- Spring 2012

Kevin Conway (ME), Andrew Garland (ME), Avash Joshi (ME), Kylie Rhoades (ME) and Jordan Shields (ME)

Mentor: Dr. DeBartolo

project description
Project Description
  • Identify methods to harvest waste power generated by people for end use in Haiti.
  • Low cost designs to improve quality of life such as:
    • Water Sanitation
    • Energy Generation
    • Portable Dry Toilet
    • Rain-water Collection

Urine Diversion (UD) Toilet from SOIL

  • Living conditions in Haiti
    • Poverty stricken (GDP per capita of $1200)
    • Ineffective central government.
    • Little law enforcement.
    • Untreated water sources contaminated with animal and human waste.
    • No active sewage system.
    • Most people are subsistence farmers.
    • Many people have cell phones.
    • No electricity in homes.
    • Very little education available.
    • Very religious.
background cont
Background cont.

UV sanitation pumps are currently being developed by B9 Plastics and RIT to eliminate bacteria in dirty water and make it safe to drink.

Taken from

Taken from

past project concentrations
Past Project Concentrations
  • Harvesting Energy From:
    • Humans
      • Non-Invasive Movement
        • Normal to Everyday Life
          • Energy Harvesting Backpack
          • sOccet Soccer Ball
    • Moving Water
      • Stream Power

P12461 Waterbelt - Aerostatic Flutter Hydro-Power Generator

  • Improve UV Water Sanitation System: Senior Design Project
    • This project revolved around the improvement of a current UC Berkeley project to eliminate contamination in the event of component failure.
sanitation in haiti
Sanitation in Haiti
  • From 1998-2008 the percent of Haitians that had access to "improved sanitation" went down from 45%-24%
  • Only 14% of rural Haiti has access to "improved sanitation"
    • 'Improved Sanitation' means any sort of waste sanitation beyond squatting in a bucket
  • Today over 70% of Haiti is without proper sanitation
agriculture in haiti
Agriculture in Haiti
  • 1950's: Employed 80% of Workforce, 50% of Nation's GDP, 90% of Exports
  • 1980's: Employed 66% of Workforce, 35% of Nation's GDP, 25% of Exports
  • Today's decline in Haitian Agriculture is due to:
    • Extremedeforestation
    • Soil Erosion
    • Droughts
    • Flooding
    • Natural Disasters
composting toilets in haiti
Composting & Toilets in Haiti
  • Haitians have a need of a proper toilet (lavatory, lav, can, john, privy, bathroom, commode, crapper, pot, potty, stool, throne, head, loo, plopper) for defecation and urination
  • Due to the lack proper sanitation systems

Haitians inevitably find the need to dispose

of their... waste products

  • To do so a common practice is to implement a:

Humanure Composter!!!

  • Using the waste from the toilet as fertile

soil for agricultural needs

  • Sarah Brownell - Worked in Haiti for 10 years.
  • B9 Plastics - Sponsor for the UV water disinfection design (Better Water Maker).
  • Alex Martinez - Student in with a toilet and composter concept.
next steps
Next Steps
  • Determine what project path holds the highest potential for major impact in the Haitian community and/or developing nations worldwide.
  • Generate engineering specs from customer needs