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York Catholic District School Board. French Immersion Program. Christ the King CES Richmond Hill Parent Information Night Presentation Nov 25, 2010. Our Prayer of Hope. God of hope, as days get shorter and nights get colder, light in us the fire of Your love

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York catholic district school board

York Catholic District School Board

French Immersion Program

Christ the King CES Richmond Hill

Parent Information Night


Nov 25, 2010

Our prayer of hope
Our Prayer of Hope


of hope,

as days get shorter

and nights get colder,

light in us the fire of Your love

to give us hope this winter time.

We prepare our souls for the coming of

Your son at Christmas time. Grant us

the wisdom to prepare in us a place of welcome.

Jesus was born into the poverty of the stable, the

poverty of our hearts today if often a poverty of time

for You. In this hectic time, slow us down for a while. Call

to us, amid the pace of material preparations; call to us to make

spiritual preparations. In the quiet of our hearts let us hear and then

Sing A SONG of hope, A SONG of peace, A SONG of joy, A SONG

of Love These are the songs that the candles on the Advent wreath

sing. May the wreath of our hearts illuminate our families as we prepare

for Advent.


Our mission
Our Mission

Christ the King is a Catholic learning community where Christ is our master teacher; where student success is at the heart of all decisions made; and where teachers, parents, students, and the church, in relationship with one another, have a vested interest in the articulation and pursuit of goals within the context of a shared vision and mission.  

Our mission continued
Our Mission (Continued)

We are a Catholic learning community where collaboration and respect for one another frame our interactions and where “faith-in-action” is our lived experience.

These are the tenets that we embrace at Christ the King and that give definition to all that we do in the name of our students.

Christ the king ces1
Christ the King CES


Christ the king ces continued
Christ the King CES - (continued):


Christ the king ces2
Christ the King CES

Community Partnerships:

  • Catholic School Council

  • Community Safety Village

  • Good Shepherd Shelter

  • Music Alive/Music Star of York Region

  • Richmond Hill Fire Department

  • Richmond Hill Food Bank

  • Rose of Sharon

  • ShareLife

  • Safe School Committee

  • Swim to Survive

  • Town of Richmond Hill

  • York Region Police – Grade 6, 7, 8 VIP Program

Christ the king ces3
Christ the King CES

We Celebrate…

  • Our wonderful students and all their many God-given gifts and talents

  • Our dedicated teachers and staff and their unyielding commitment to student achievement in all realms – academic, spiritual, athletic, and socio-emotional

  • Our devoted parents and their unwavering dedication to encouraging the growth and development of their children

  • Our hard-working School Council and their generous support of all aspects of our Catholic learning community

Christ the king ces continued1
Christ the King CES(continued)

We Celebrate…

  • Our faithful volunteers and the countless hours of contribution they provide

  • Our caring parish team for the spiritual guidance provided to students, families and staff

  • Our numerous teams, committees, events, learning experiences, and community outreach initiatives that give meaning and definition to our identity as a truly exceptional Catholic learning community.

Rationale for french immersion programs
Rationale for French Immersion Programs

  • French is one of Canada’s two official languages and one of Ontario’s two official languages of instruction.

  • Knowledge of a second language strengthens first-language skills.

  • Ability to speak two or more languages generally enhances reasoning and problem-solving, as well as creative-thinking skills.

  • Research shows children educated in content subjects (like science and geography) in two languages develop higher reasoning and analytical skills.

  • Knowledge of French provides students with an advantage in a number of careers, both in Canada and internationally.

Program accessibility
Program Accessibility

  • The Ministry specifies that French Immersion is open to all students, including those with English as a Second Language.

  • Parents are not required to be French speaking.

Successful french immersion students
Successful French Immersion Students

Research suggests that children

who are successful in French Immersion are:

  • Risk takers

  • Interested in learning new things

  • Attending school regularly

  • Positive in their attitude toward school

  • Able to communicate well verbally in their first language

  • Effective listeners

  • Capable of good memory skills

Y c d s b program delivery
Y.C.D.S.B.Program Delivery

  • The French Immersion program will be offered to Grade 1 students in September 2011.

  • French is the language of instruction for 85% of the time in the primary grades and will be 50% from grades 4 to 8.

  • The program will deliver approximately 5,000 hours of instruction between Grades 1 and Grade 8.

Curriculum for subjects taught in french
Curriculum For Subjects Taught in French

  • Students will be taught the Ontario curriculum.

  • For subjects like Science or Geography, the expectations in each grade are essentially those outlined in the English-language subject curriculum documents.

  • Learning resources provided in French follow the Ontario English language curriculum.

  • Students will be expected to achieve the regular English language curriculum expectations before the end of

    Grade 8.

Assessment policy
Assessment Policy

The assessment and evaluation of students in the French Immersion Program will be consistent with Board procedures and practices for all students


  • Students in grades JK to 3 residing 1.2 km beyond the school will receive transportation.

  • As well, students in grades 4 to 8, who live beyond 1.6 km and live within the French Immersion transportation boundary will receive transportation. Students are required to walk a short distance to and from these centralized bus stops.

  • The York Catholic Transportation Policy will apply to students living within the Christ the King boundary.

Christ the King

French Immersion

Transportation Boundary

  • Christ the King

  • Corpus Christi

  • Father Henri JM Nouwen

  • Our Lady Help of Christians

  • Pope John Paul II

  • St. Anne

  • St. Anthony

  • St. Charles Garnier

  • St. Joseph (Richmond Hill)

  • St. Mary Immaculate

  • St. Marguerite d'Youville

  • St. Michael Academy

  • St. Rene Goupil-St. Luke

Implementation model
Implementation Model

  • French Immersion at Christ the King is available to Grade 1 students for September 2011. The school also offers English classes.

  • Optimal enrollment for the grade 1 French Immersion program will be two classes of 23 students.

Criteria for student selection
Criteria for Student Selection

  • Catholic Kindergarten students living within the Christ the King boundary or current SK students attending Christ the King will be given priority placement in the Grade 1 French Immersion Program.

  • The remaining placements will be selected by public lottery until 46 places are filled.

  • The public lottery process involves the random selection of applications among those submitted.

Application process
Application Process

  • Complete and submit a French Immersion on-line application form on the York Catholic District School Board website at www.ycdsb.ca by January 14, 2011.

  • Priority placements will be given to Catholic students living in the Christ the King CES boundary.

  • If the number of applications exceeds the number of available openings, a public lottery process will be conducted at the French Immersion School at 5:00 p.m. on January 27, 2011.

  • Approved applicants will be notified shortly after the lottery.

  • Approved applicants must register at Christ the King no later than February 11, 2011.

Questions and answers
Questions and Answers

Why Early French Immersion (EFI)?

Research shows that Early Immersion leads to the highest fluency in French

Will my child’s English skills suffer?

There is a certain lag in English Language Arts for the first few years of the French Immersion program, specifically spelling skills in English. However, the gap is minimized with the introduction of English in Grade 4.

Questions and answers1
Questions and Answers

How does the French Immersion program impact student achievement in mathematics and other subjects?

Research indicates that the performance of French Immersion students in other subjects is equal to the performance of students in the English program.

Questions and answers2
Questions and Answers

How do students perform on standard

provincial assessments (EQAO) in

grade 3 and grade 6?

  • Most French Immersion schools will exempt students from writing the grade 3 EQAO test in English.

  • A high percentage of schools with French Immersion Programs in the GTA have exceeded the provincial and board average on the grade 6 EQAO test in English

Questions and answers3
Questions and Answers

Is it important for someone at home to speak French?

The program is designed for children of non-French speaking families. All communication from the school to parents will be in English, including report cards.

Questions and answers4
Questions and Answers

How may I help my child with homework when I do not speak French?

While it may be helpful, it is not necessary, for parents to speak French. Research studies confirm that children achieve greater academic success when parents read daily to their child in the child’s first language.

Questions and answers5
Questions and Answers

Is French Immersion appropriate for all


Children who have poor listening skills, memory skills, or who have had difficulty learning their first language tend to experience difficulty in the program. Children who have difficulty learning to read in English may have difficulty learning to read in French.

Questions and answers6
Questions and Answers

What will happen if my child experiences

difficulties in French Immersion?

The classroom teacher will provide additional assistance to the student. If this does not address the difficulties, then the classroom teacher will consult with the special education teacher, principal, and parent to discuss a plan of support. If special education intervention is recommended, then the support will be delivered in English.

Questions and answers7
Questions and Answers

What type of French will my child be learning?

Standard French vocabulary and structures are taught. A variety of accents exists in all languages; during a school career a child will probably be exposed to teachers from various parts of the world who are models of well-spoken French.

Questions and answers8
Questions and Answers

Will my child be bilingual after Grade 8?

No. A young person who has completed an elementary French Immersion Program often appears quite comfortable and competent in the French language. While this is expected, students are not considered to be functionally bilingual until the end of Grade 12.

Questions and answers9
Questions and Answers

How can I learn more about French

Immersion research?

The following website links provide information about French Immersion research studies:

  • http://sitemaker.umich.edu/356.hess/research_on_french


  • http://sitemaker.umich.edu/356.hess/research_problems

  • Immersion Education for the Millennium: What We Have

    Learned from 30 Years of Research on Second

    Language Immersion,