Amver maritime relations
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Amver Maritime Relations. A Partnership For Saving Lives Gov 2.0 Expo Showcase Washington, DC September 8, 2009. What is Amver?.

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Amver maritime relations

Amver Maritime Relations

A Partnership For Saving Lives

Gov 2.0 Expo Showcase

Washington, DC

September 8, 2009

What is amver
What is Amver?

The Automated Mutual Assistance Vessel Rescue System, sponsored by the United States Coast Guard, is a computer-based voluntary global ship reporting system used worldwide by search and rescue authorities to arrange for assistance to persons in distress at sea.

Amver history
Amver History

  • Founded in 1958.

  • Global coverage by 1971.

  • 1980 Princendam Fire and Sinking.

    • Amver participating tanker Williamsburgh took on 175 survivors.

  • 1994 Achille Lauro sinking.

    • Seven Amver participants assisted in the rescue of 504 of the 976 survivors.

  • 2007 10 Amver ships divert to assist M/V Hai Tong 7

    • 13 Chinese crewmen rescued.

How does amver work
How does Amver work?

  • Amver is used solely for search and rescue.

  • Amver data is not used for security purposes.

How does amver work1
How does Amver work?

  • Merchant ship owners or managers enter specific information about their vessels into the Amver database.

  • Prior to sailing, participating ships send a sail plan to the Amver computer center. Vessels then report their locations every 48 hours until arriving at their port of call.

How does amver work2
How does Amver work?

  • Search and rescue controllers are able to predict the position of each ship at any point during its voyage.

  • The position of each participating ship is displayed in an Amver surface picture.

  • In an emergency, any rescue coordination center can request this surface picture to determine the relative position of Amver ships near the distress location and divert the best suited ship to respond.

Who participates in amver
Who participates in Amver?

  • Any commercial vessel, regardless of nation or flag, over 1,000 gross tons on voyages of 24 hours or greater is encouraged to enroll and participate in Amver.

  • Other vessels such as private yachts, research vessels, and fish processing vessels can enroll.

Is amver successful
Is Amver successful?

  • There were 178 Amver cases in 2008 resulting in 197 lives saved.

  • There have been over 140 cases this year with over 190 lives saved.

International access
International Access

  • Amver will share vessel positions with any recognized rescue coordination center.

  • Amver data is used only for SAR.

  • Prior to 2007 there was no standard method for requesting Amver data.

Case study
Case Study

  • 2008 MRCC Falmouth requests Amver data for a sailboat in distress in the Atlantic Ocean.

Case study1
Case Study

  • The M/V PAN VOYAGER successfully rescued the 2 sailors.

Case study2
Case Study

August 2009 MRCC Falmouth requests Amver data for a stranded rower.

Case study3
Case Study

  • RRS James Cook diverted to rescue the rower.

Amver maritime relations1
Amver Maritime Relations





Amver maritime relations2
Amver Maritime Relations

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Amver Maritime Relations

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