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Unit 1

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Unit 1 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Unit 1. Tales of the unexplained. In this unit, we will. read a news story about a missing boy and a magazine article about Yetis listen to a dialogue between a boss and his employee talk about aliens and conduct an interview write a report tell a mysterious story.

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Unit 1

Tales of the unexplained

In this unit, we will
  • read a news story about a missing boy and a
  • magazine article about Yetis
  • listen to a dialogue between a boss and his
  • employee
  • talk about aliens and conduct an interview
  • write a report
  • tell a mysterious story
Unit 1


Lead in

man-like /ape-like, hairy, fur, short legs, long arms, large hands, huge shoulders, strong and tall



Searching for the Yeti

Read the article and answer:
  • Where have people reported seeing a wild man-like creature?
  • When and where did an American mountain climber see a Yeti?

All over the world.

In 1998 and on the Chinese side of the Himalayas.

3 What does a Yeti look like?

4 What do scientists think of Yetis?

It looks like a human but it has thick black fur and is about six feet tall with huge shoulders, very long arms and large hands.

They convince that Yetis exist while studying the footprints.

find main idea of each paragraph
Find main idea of each paragraph:
  • Para 1:
  • Para 2-4:
  • Para 5-6:
  • Para 7:

Yetis are reported to have been seen all over the world.

Descriptions of Yetis in different places.

Scientists’ different opinions abort Yetis.

Scientists hope to find the truth.

listen to the passage and decide true or false
Listen to the passage and decide True or False


1. There are no Yetis in the world according to the report.

2. An American mountain climber said that he saw a Yeti once.

3. Yetis ran with an amazing speed.

4. Footprints of Yetis are similar to human.

5. Yetis possibly lived in Asia about 3,000,000 years ago.

6. Scientists have solved the mystery.






Representing the story:

reported sightings of yeti

discoveries about yeti’s footprints

evidences about yeti’s appearances provided by witnesses

different viewpoints



Yeti: myth or reality?


Do you believe that such a creature exists?

Why or why not?

Careful reading tasks:

Learn the useful expressions and sentence patterns in the article.

Analyze(分析) the writing features(特点) of the article.

Useful expressions

1. a wild man-like creature 2. run after

3. on average 4. play a joke

5. run with amazing speed and strength

6. hard evidence supporting the existence of Yeti 7. make its way to…

Sentence patterns

  • Yetis are said to be heavily built and hairy.
  • The footprints could have been made by..
  • He became convinced that they exist…
Analyze the writing features of the article.

Find out the function of each part in the article.

To arouse the readers’ interest

Part one:

To support Para1 with some details

Part two:

To make readers think more about Yetis

Part three:

Part four:

To give readers imagination with an open ending

Conclude the writing features

1. an interesting and attractive title

2. an attractive beginning

3. details of the story with pictures

4. scientists’ or people’s different opinions

5. an open end of the story

Step fourGroup work

Work in groups of six

Choose a mysterious story you would like to tell

Make an outline

(1) Give an attractive title.

(2) How can you develop your story?

a. What will you tell in the first paragraph?

b. Then, what information can you use to support

your story?

c. What end would you like to give to your story?

Discuss and revise your draft.

Tell your story to the class.

Please look at some more pictures to gain intuitionistic

(直观的)impression about some


  • Perfect your story and write it in your exercise-book.
  • Finish off the exercises in Workbook.