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Introduction to the Researcher Home Page PowerPoint Presentation
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Introduction to the Researcher Home Page

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Introduction to the Researcher Home Page - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Introduction to the Researcher Home Page Martine Desrochers , Research Facilitator, Augustana , Campus Saint-Jean & Native Studies March 12, 2013 / 12:45 pm – 1:45 pm Library Classroom for Computer. Agenda. Introduction Accessing the Researcher Home Page (RHP)

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Presentation Transcript

Introduction to the

Researcher Home Page

Martine Desrochers, Research Facilitator, Augustana, Campus Saint-Jean & Native Studies

March 12, 2013/ 12:45 pm – 1:45 pm

Library Classroom for Computer



Accessing the Researcher Home Page (RHP)

Information available from the RHP


General Info

Flash Report including Expenditure Details Report


General Info


What’s not in the RHP



This session will cover the use and interpretation of RHP information.

According to UAPPOL Research Administration Procedure (Roles and Responsibilities)

The responsibilities of the Researcher include

Exercising financial control over research funds

Being personally responsible for any expenses in excess of award funds, including ineligible costs and revenue lost due to failure to meet the terms and conditions of the agreement

accessing peoplesoft
Accessing PeopleSoft
  • For example via RSO home page
  • Single access for Researcher Home Page, eTRAC, Travel & Expense Centre, PER, and Purchase Request
initial home screen
Initial (Home) Screen
  • Direct access to Researcher Home Page, Travel & Expenses, PER, PO Requisitions, and Training Resources
projects 1
Projects - 1
  • Starts with basic project information
    • Attachments
    • Keywords (not yet functional)
    • Project Number
    • End Date
projects 2
Projects - 2
  • Next shows award amount info
    • Total Award – including future installments
    • Current amount remaining before and after commitments
    • Percent Complete – not including future installments
  • % Complete is the percentage of expenditures-to-date divided by the budget-to-date
  • This does not include commitments
  • Helps in monitoringoverexpenditures or potential overexpenditures – unauthorized overexpenditures are not allowed
projects 3
Projects - 3
  • Project tab also includes identifying information
    • SpeedCode – only one will show here if there are multiples
    • Title – RES# projects will be of the fomat:


    • Description – the scientific title as provided by the Applicant/Principal Investigator/Project Holder

Click paperclip icon for list then view icon to see attachments

Attachments related to legal/financial matters


Active SpeedCode shows on Project tab

If multiple active SC’s, will see “…” following SC#

Clicking SC shows full chartfield info for all

flash report
Flash Report

Click desired Project ID

The flash report for the specific project will be generated, containing several sections

flash report project information
Flash Report – Project Information

Lists general project information

Links to SpeedCode information (same as can be linked from the RHP)

flash report awarded amounts
Flash Report – Awarded Amounts

Budget information

Green checkmarks indicate which amounts are included in the funds available calculation

Can change date range – default is current budget period

flash report award expense summary
Flash Report – Award & Expense Summary

Shows for selected date range

Click on the link for the amount shown as “Funds Available after expenditures as of…” to generate expenditure details report

expenditure details report
Expenditure Details Report
  • Useful for print records
  • Use for reconciliation
    • Compare lines on Expenditure Details Report with pay action forms (or ePAF), receipts, invoices
    • Benefits are calculated by HR
    • GST may be less than on receipts
  • Itemizes both expenditures and commitments for the chosen period
  • Example
flash report milestones
Flash Report – Milestones

Finance-related milestones only

When project is set up, an notify date will be included, milestones will not appear until that date

Milestones will disappear once they have been met

project search
Project Search

Expand the

Advanced Project Search

section to search

Enter search terms as needed


proposals 1
Proposals – 1
  • Only shows pending proposals
    • Applications where sponsor decision has not yet been received
    • Successful applications in the set up process
  • Proposals disappear from the list
    • if RSO receives notice that application is unsuccessful
    • project setup is complete (moves up to Projects section)
proposals 2
Proposals – 2
  • Proposals may also have attachments
  • Proposal ID becomes Project ID if successful
  • Proposal Status is status

within PeopleSoft

  • Award Processing Status

indicates PeopleSoft status

for successful applications

proposals 3
Proposals – 3
  • Proposal Title similar to Project Title, but may not yet be complete (e.g. award # may not be known)
  • Description is PI-defined scientific title
  • Also shows name of Sponsor and date the Task List was last updated
task management
Task Management

Click desired Proposal ID (RES#)

Task Management page will show progress of applications and project setups once award is granted

task list general information
Task List – General Information
  • General information will change as Proposal is updated by RSO
  • Remainder of Task List has sections (Task Category) related to the stage in the process
initial pre proposal stage
Initial Pre-Proposal Stage
  • Note that the Task List is primarily meant for RSO tracking
  • May change as RSO tracking needs change
  • Tasks may also be added as required
  • The Pre-Proposal Stage can be started when researcher indicated intent to apply
application stage
Application Stage
  • Proposal Approved task may remain with a status of “Pending” until notice is received from the sponsor concerning whether or not funds were awarded.
award finalization stage
Award Finalization Stage
  • Ensuring that the correct information is entered into PeopleSoft and that the terms of the award are acceptable.
proposal search
Proposal Search

As with Projects, can expand the Proposal Search section to reduce the size of the Proposals list

Add search terms as desired


what s not in the rhp
What’s Not in the RHP

Revenue Details

For cash-based (CSHBA) projects, this can be found in eTRAC

For budget-based projects (BUDBA), eligible revenue will be reflected in the budget

Non-Financial Milestones

Such as research reports to be sent directly to sponsor by researcher

Non-Financial/Legal Attachment

E.g. important e-mails may be kept in paper file but not attached

Tasklist for amendments

Non-pending proposals (not funded or setup as projects)

additional training
Additional Training
  • If basic PeopleSoft training is required, see the Training Resources found within PeopleSoft
  • The Training covers several PeopleSoft topics, not just the Researcher Home Page
user productivity kit
User Productivity Kit
  • PeopleSoft Training
other training
Other Training
  • A Researcher Home Page Learning Summary is available from the RSO website
    • Has not been updated with the new look from the Financials 9.1 upgrade
  • One-on-one training is available to Researchers and Research Administrators via the Faculty’s Research Facilitation Office