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Academic Program Connections

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Academic Program Connections. Office of Undergraduate Studies & Academic Partnerships. Get Students Connected to Careers. Business Health Professions Education Family Sciences Arts Sciences Social Services Humanities. Associate of Arts and Sciences.

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academic program connections

Academic Program Connections

Office of Undergraduate Studies & Academic Partnerships

get students connected to careers
Get Students Connected to Careers
  • Business
  • Health Professions
  • Education
  • Family Sciences
  • Arts
  • Sciences
  • Social Services
  • Humanities
associate of arts and sciences
Associate of Arts and Sciences
  • Provide solid foundation for 105 degree plan options
  • Complete the core curriculum, in most cases
  • Allow time to begin courses for the major (12-18 SCH)
  • Assure that academic credits transfer
  • Help students develop academic success
associate of applied sciences
Associate of Applied Sciences
  • Get students started on career courses earlier
  • Provide 15 credits toward core curriculum completion
  • Connect to 7 degree completion plans at TWU
    • Registered Nurse to B.S. in Nursing
    • Dental Hygienist to B.S. in Dental Hygiene
    • Culinary Arts to B. A.S. in Culinary Science
    • ……. To B.A.S. in Health Studies
    • A.A. S. in Business to B.S. in General Business*
career track pre ot
Career Track: Pre-OT
  • Occupational Therapy pathways:
    • B.S. in Family Studies
    • B.S. in Child Development
    • B.S. in Psychology
    • B.S. in Health Studies
    • B.S. in Kinesiology
  • Program admission is competitive and limited
  • Become a registered occupational therapist and complete the Master of Occupational Therapy degree ; fast track option available.
program profile business
Program Profile: Business
  • Starting core complete is an advantage.
  • Specializations are available in accounting, finance, human resources, management, marketing as well as general business.
  • Many courses offered online.
  • B.A.S. in General Business to connect with A.A.S. in Business fields.
  • Website:
program profile teacher education
Program Profile: Teacher Education
  • Degrees for teaching in elementary grades EC – 8th grade with additional certification in special education, bilingual education, and ESL. Support courses are offered for students seeking to teach in grades 8-12.
  • Admission to teacher education:
    • Grades on TSI tests such as Accuplacer or THEA
    • Cumulative GPA of 2.75
    • Specified course completion – see online Student Handbook p. 8, “Admission.”
  • Students who are core complete at the community college will not be required to take TWU core.
  • Courses on transfer articulation plans are chosen to complete both core and pre-requisites for the specific major. Other courses may transfer but not provide the foundation for the major.
program profile teacher education1
Program Profile: Teacher Education
  • To teach grades 8-12, major in the subject they plan to teach (math, English, etc.), and minor in education.
  • To be certified as a teacher in Texas, all must pass the designated state certification exams when the degree is completed.
  • Details:
program profile bachelor of general studies bgs
Program Profile: Bachelor of General Studies (BGS)
  • A flexible, online, interdisciplinary degree completion program based upon a completed core curriculum
  • Includes upper division concentrations of 12-18 hours rather than a single major.
  • Student selects two or three areas of concentrations from Art, Business, Computer Science, Dance Studies, English, Government, History, Kinesiology, Math, Criminal Justice, Women’s Studies, and Sociology.
all twu degrees require
All TWU Degrees Require
  • Minimum of 36 upper division credits, more when specified by the major
  • Minimum of 120 credit hours, more when specified by the major
  • Minimum of 30 degree hours at TWU
  • Completion of Global Perspectives requirement of 6 credit hours
  • Completion of core curriculum
  • Minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 overall, and in core
getting started transfer advising
Getting Started: Transfer Advising

Students should:

  • Use transfer articulation agreements
  • Avoid enrolling in extra courses [non-required] to save $ long term
  • Access program information online at TWU.
  • Talk to the department office or advisor for the major
  • DO NOT to self-advise (to avoid excess hours, repeated courses, drops)
  • Attend Transfer Orientations
starting up new agreements
Starting Up New Agreements
  • Request a sample articulation agreement if TWU already has on for the desired major, then modify it for your college.
  • Send a request for a new major agreement and your program outline to
    • Dr. Barbara Lerner or Rachelle Land
        • Office of Undergraduate Studies & Academic Partnerships 940-898-3309 or
transfer student most faq will my courses transfer
Transfer Student Most FAQ: Will My Courses Transfer?
  • YES. If it’s academic credit from an accredited institution, TWU will post the course to the transcript.
  • BUT – just because it posted to the TWU transcript, does not mean the course will apply to the degree.
  • This is why articulation agreements are so helpful to students.
course posting policies
Course Posting Policies
  • TWU posts: academic courses, all grades (up to 84 community college hours)
    • If a direct equivalency is established by an academic department for technical or workforce credit, that credit will be posted.
  • Courses not posted/transferred:
    • Developmental courses
    • Courses from unaccredited institutions
    • College seminar/survey or career exploration courses (unless required by the transfer institution’s core curriculum)
    • Vocational, technical or workforce courses (see caveat above)
additional policies
Additional Policies
  • Courses are posted at the level the course was taken unless there is an established equivalency
  • Starting Fall 2009, up to 84 hours from community colleges can be posted
  • Starting Fall 2011, Fs are posted
  • Unlimited hours from accredited four-year schools