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Mathematics Curriculum Supervisors August 28, 2012 Sandi Woodall Mathematics Program Coordinator PowerPoint Presentation
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Mathematics Curriculum Supervisors August 28, 2012 Sandi Woodall Mathematics Program Coordinator

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Mathematics Curriculum Supervisors August 28, 2012 Sandi Woodall Mathematics Program Coordinator - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Mathematics Curriculum Supervisors August 28, 2012 Sandi Woodall Mathematics Program Coordinator 2012-2013 Georgia Mathematics Program. Goals for 2012-2013

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Presentation Transcript

Mathematics Curriculum SupervisorsAugust 28, 2012

Sandi Woodall

Mathematics Program Coordinator

2012 2013 georgia mathematics program
2012-2013 Georgia Mathematics Program

Goals for 2012-2013

  • To ensure sustained and timely professional learning and support for Georgia’s mathematics educator taskforce in this first year of CCGPS mathematics;
  • To continuously augment CCGPS mathematics educator resources;
  • To enhance communication with all stakeholder groups and to critically assess and act on input and feedback received from those groups.
2012 2013 ccgps priorities
2012-2013CCGPS Priorities
  • Ongoing PL Opportunities for CCGPS Implementation
  • Targeted assistance for mathematics Alert Schools
  • Expansion of CCGPS Educator Resources
  • Ramped Up Support for Secondary Teachers in Statistics and Probability Content and Pedagogy
  • Ramped Up Support and Resources for Mathematics IV, GPS Pre-Calculus, Accelerated Mathematics III, and Accelerated GPS Pre-Calculus teachers
communication tools
Communication Tools
  • 2012-2013 Mathematics Graduation Requirement Guidance Document
  • GaDOE GeorgiaStandards.Org Website
  • GaDOE Mathematics List Serves
  • GaDOE Mathematics Wikis
  • GaDOE Mathematics Webinars
  • Learning Village Teacher Portal
communication tools1
Communication Tools

GaDOE GeorgiaStandards.Org Website

Resources and professional learning opportunities are posted at:

communication tools2
Communication Tools

GaDOE GeorgiaStandards.Org Website


The GaDOE mathematics team continues to collaborate with SEDL to provide educators with content support through videos which explain specific Common Core Mathematics Standards at

communication tools3
Communication Tools

GeorgiaStandards.Org Website


Recorded broadcasts and webinars at:


communication tools4
Communication Tools

GaDOE Mathematics List Serves

  • Updates and notification of upcoming events and added resources will be communicated through the mathematics list serves.
  • Educators need only to send a blank email to an appropriate address to join a list serve.
communication tools5
Communication Tools

GaDOE Mathematics List Serves

  • List serve addresses are listed on the Mathematics Program webpage and on the CCGPSMathematics homepage at

Mathematics K-5

Mathematics 6-8

Mathematics 9-12

Mathematics District Support

Mathematics Administrators

communication tools6
Communication Tools

GaDOE Mathematics Wikis

If your district’s 2012-2012 mathematics curriculum supervisor or designee is new to the position, please email the contact information to Sandi Woodall at

The supervisor will be sent an invitation to join the supervisor wiki.

communication tools7
Communication Tools

GaDOE Mathematics Wikis for Georgia Teachers


Please NOTE: Teacher wikis are public, so teachers will just need to visit the sites below to get involved.

communication tools8
Communication Tools

GaDOE Mathematics Webinars

2012-2013:CCGPS Grade Level/Course Unit-by-Unit Webinar Series

  • Schedules and session links can be found at the CCGPS Mathematics homepage
  • Sessions are approximately one hour long
  • The GaDOE Mathematics team asks that educators review the key standards and the unit framework overviews and work the unit tasks prior to participation of a unit session
suggested websites
Suggested Websites
a heartfelt thanks to
A Heartfelt Thanks to:
  • Georgia Mathematics Educators who served on the 2010-2011 GPS to CCGPS precision review teams
  • Georgia Mathematics Educators who wrote and reviewed the CCGPS unit frameworks
  • Georgia Mathematics Educators who created the Summer Academy session modules
  • Georgia Mathematics Educators who facilitated the Summer Academy sessionsandPeggy Pool and Debbie Poss who coordinated the whole event
  • RESA Mathematics Mentors and District Mathematics Supervisors whose hard work and dedication has ensured a smooth implementation of CCGPS mathematics
  • Our Georgia Mathematics Educator Taskforcewho are committed to excellence in teaching and learning
  • Should this year’s tenth graders who have earned high school GPS mathematics credit continue in the GPS pathway?
  • Why is my student’s mathematics teacher telling us that there are no textbooks for this curriculum?
  • How will I know which mathematics graduation requirements to use?
  • Which students can be given core credit for support courses?
  • How can we possibly afford the resources the program specialists are mentioning?
  • What about parent letters for CCGPS courses?
  • Who should I email when I have questions about state assessments?
  • Can older students move to CCGPS and then back to GPS courses?
  • Why don’t we have a crosswalk from GPS to CCGPS mathematics?

The GaDOE Mathematics Curriculum Team looks forward to supporting you this year. Please contact us for assistance.

Sandi Woodall

Turtle Gunn Toms

Brooke Kline

James Pratt