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Rhetorical Tools Wacky Product Commercials PowerPoint Presentation
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Rhetorical Tools Wacky Product Commercials

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Rhetorical Tools Wacky Product Commercials - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Rhetorical Tools Wacky Product Commercials. Persuading Language. Commercial Directions:. Create a 30 second commercial for a new product that you and your group have invented. Assign Ethos, Logos and Pathos to each group member.

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commercial directions
Commercial Directions:
  • Create a 30 second commercial for a new product that you and your group have invented.
  • Assign Ethos, Logos and Pathos to each group member.
  • Each group member must must contribute 2 sentences demonstrating their rhetorical appeal to the commercial.
  • GOAL: Convince us this product is worth it by using all 3 Rhetorical Devices in your commercial.
    • Use as many Rhetorical Tools as you can!
swag o nator
  • Tired of looking boring this year? Sick of those lame polos? Well, trade in for some sweet Husky swag!
  • The swagged-out Swag-o-Nator will school anyone who snitches on your style this year! Say goodbye, goodbye, goodbye to being uncool!
  • Our Swag-o-nator is only $350 this season! Get it quick! It will swap out your old boring looks for a new and trendy style.
  • Don’t wait. You’ll look as fly as a kite with your new bow-ties and glasses. Maybe the Swag-O-Nator will deliver those skinny jeans you’ve been eying or that ballin’ gold chain you’ve been wanting.
rhetorical tools
Rhetorical Tools
  • tools that a speaker uses to persuade his or her audience for a specific purpose.
  • Repeating beginning sounds.
  • Ex: The grumpy girls gave gum to the guys.
  • Key words are repeated.
  • “Free! Free! Free! Free at last!”
m etaphor
  • Comparisons without using “like” or “as”. They help listeners envision the meaning.
  • Ex: “Let our dreams soar on wings of optimism.” –MLK Jr.
rhetorical questions
Rhetorical Questions
  • Questions asked – not to be answered to make you think or to inspire.

Ex: "Will we stand now on the brink of history or will we let the moment pass unchallenged?” – MLK Jr.

  • To make a reference to someone trusted.
  • Ex: "President Kennedy once told us to 'Ask what we could do for our country.' And, now it is the time to DO!” – MLK Jr.