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Wacky Roadside Stops PowerPoint Presentation
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Wacky Roadside Stops

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Wacky Roadside Stops - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Wacky Roadside Stops By Jillian Muse Where to stop off at: Miami, FL Anniston, AL Lathrop, CA Houston, TX Miami Florida Miami Police Museum Miami Police Museum The Miami Police Museum is a must visit. At the entrance, a police car is suspended on the wall. Miami Police Museum

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Wacky Roadside Stops

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wacky roadside stops

Wacky Roadside Stops

By Jillian Muse

where to stop off at
Where to stop off at:
  • Miami, FL
  • Anniston, AL
  • Lathrop, CA
  • Houston, TX
miami florida

Miami Florida

Miami Police Museum

miami police museum
Miami Police Museum
  • The Miami Police Museum is a must visit.
  • At the entrance, a police car is suspended on the wall.
miami police museum7
Miami Police Museum
  • Upon entering, you are greeted by the police car from "Blade Runner," which didn't seem in the movie to be a bright orange, but it is here.
miami police museum8
Miami Police Museum
  • There is a gas chamber, an electric chair, an old dungeon, a modern jail cell, and other outdated punishment devices that the Miami police seem to wish to bring back.
anniston alabama
Anniston Alabama


world s largest chair
World’s Largest Chair
  • In the early eighties, Miller Office Supply of Anniston, AL, built a thirty-three-foot-tall office chair in a vacant lot next to its store.
world s largest chair11
World’s Largest Chair
  • The chair was made of ten tons of steel.
  • It could withstand 85 mph winds and a special spiral staircase led to its seat.
world s largest chair12
World’s Largest Chair
  • It quickly became Annistons landmark.
lathrop california

Lathrop California

Crashed UFO

If only every alien invasion was this well-received.

crashed ufo
Crashed UFO
  • Fortunately for the town of Lathrop, the flying saucer that smacked into the local Tower Mart disgorged nothing but fun-loving aliens and green plasma.
crashed ufo16
Crashed UFO
  • The Tower Mart is a grocery store/convenience chain store close to the interstate ribbon that ties Sacramento and San Francisco to LA through the flat, dull central valley of California.
crashed ufo17
Crashed UFO
  • I-5 has a speedy 80mph kind of pace, so most passers hurtling by never notice the 30 foot diameter saucer sticking halfway out of the sloping roof of the Mart.
crashed ufo18
Crashed UFO
  • Inside, it's even crazier -- saucer men are everywhere scuttling along counters in every aisle, squeezing milk cartons and extracting the yolk from all the eggs.
crashed ufo19
Crashed UFO
  • The other half of the saucer is visible poking through a blistered hole in the ceiling, the craft badly damaged.
crashed ufo20
Crashed UFO
  • They won't be going home any time soon...
  • And why should they? The locals hardly notice now.
houston texas

Houston Texas

Beer Can House

beer can house
Beer Can House
  • In 1968, John Milkovisch was just another retired employee of Southern Pacific railroad.
  • He lived in an undistinguished house in an undistinguished suburban neighborhood of Houston.
beer can house23
Beer Can House
  • Then John got antsy and began decorating his patio with pieces of brass, marbles, rocks and buttons.
  • Then he tore up the lawn and replaced it with similar glittery debris.
beer can house24
Beer Can House
  • The house itself was next.
  • John took beer cans and flattened them into aluminum siding.
beer can house25
Beer Can House
  • Beer cans quickly became John's exclusive medium - a convenient one, since John drank a lot of beer.
beer can house26
Beer Can House
  • He worked on the house for the next 18 years, adding a six-pack a day into its construction - roughly 39,000 cans.
beer can house27
Beer Can House
  • He linked pull-tabs into long streamers to make curtains that chimed in the wind.
beer can house28
Beer Can House
  • John passed away several years ago but his Beer Can House is still intact.
  • Mary, his wife, is still here, and welcomes visitors.
the road has end for our trip but visit

The road has end for our trip, but visit

And plan your own trip!