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Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

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Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Introduction. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. The Author. Robert Louis Stevenson Born in 1850 in Edinburgh, Scotland Married Fanny Osbourne Died in Samoa on December 3,1894. Dr. Jekyll. A doctor who has covered up a

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the author
The Author
  • Robert Louis Stevenson
  • Born in 1850 in Edinburgh, Scotland
  • Married Fanny Osbourne
  • Died in Samoa on December 3,1894
dr jekyll
Dr. Jekyll

A doctor who has covered up a

secret life full of bad and cruel deeds. He is transformed into the cruel, remorseless, evil Mr. Hyde after drinking a potion of his own creation. Dr. Jekyll has many friends and has a friendly personality.

mr hyde
Mr. Hyde

Mr. Hyde is the evil side of

Dr. Jekyll. He is a disliked, young man.

dr hastie lanyon
Dr. Hastie Lanyon

A former friend of Jekyll's, who

disagrees with his scientific principles, is the first person to whom Hyde's identity is revealed. Dr. Lanyon is the one who replaces the omitted Utterson in most film adaptations.

mr utterson
Mr. Utterson

The phlegmatic lawyer Gabriel

John Utterson whom the narrator follows in his quest to discover the identity of Hyde. In most adaptations of the novel he is omitted and replaced by Dr. Lanyon.


A faithful butler who has worked

for the doctor for almost 20 years. He calls Utterson one night when he and the other servants are convinced that someone has killed Dr. Jekyll and keeps himself locked in the laboratory.

richard enfield
Richard Enfield

Cousin to Mr. Utterson witnessed

Hyde walking over a little girl in the street, and he with the girl's parents and other residents force Hyde into writing a cheque for the girl's family. Enfield discovers that the cheque was signed by Dr. Jekyll.

vocabulary preview
  • abominable [ə bomə nəbəl] adj. horrible
  • austere [o s te ̄r] adj. severe, stern
  • conflagration [kon´flə ra ̄shən] n. raging fire
  • demeanour [di me ̄nər] n. manner
  • eddy [ede ̄] n. whirlpool
  • negligence [neli jəns] n. carelessness
  • odious [o ̄de ̄ əs] adj. hateful
  • perplexity [pər pleksə te ̄] n. confusion
  • sedulously [sejə ləs le ̄] adv. tirelessly
  • sullenness [sulən nes] n. gloominess