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  1. Watch this video.

  2. How do you feel? Did you like the car? Would you buy the car?

  3. What do you know about the car? You may have missed something. Take a look at this.

  4. Notice anything?

  5. Notice how they abbreviated the word highway while making it blend in as if it were a company logo? Oh look, important text you cant even read.

  6. Those tiny words say something really close to: “Fiesta SFE, automatic, EPA-estemated 29 city/40 hwy/33 combined mpg.Fiesta SES, automatic SHOWN, EPA-estemated 29 city/38 hwy/33 combined mpg.” If you take a look at the second line, Niether of the cars actually get 40 mpg on average. The average is closer to the lower number of 29 mpg.

  7. How much of the car do you really see? Unicycles?

  8. We counted 24 seconds. Not a whole lot of time considering this was a 61 second commercial. Thats about 39%.

  9. This is what we know about the car. We know it comes in green, has a push button start, and causes all your friends and neighbors to parade down the street whenever you start your car (results may very).

  10. What you should know when buying a car.

  11. • Liter – How many liters of air pulled in by each cylinder in the engine during one complete cycle. • DOHC – Duel over head cams. As opposed to single overhead cams SOHC or a pushrod valve system. Nothing special.• Fuel injected – This means the fuel is injected and atomized (a fine spray) into the cylinder. Most all cars since the 1980s have fuel injectors. Nothing special.• I4, v6,v8 – I4 stand for inline 4 cylinder. V6- 6 cylinder (arranged in a V, 3 on each side.) v8- same but with 8 (4 on each side.) Simply put, the size of the engine.

  12. The four cycles of a piston engine.

  13. Optional Feature $$$ As you can see, car makers don’t necessarily lie to us. They use technical writing to highlight what they think we want rather than what we need for a better user experience.