Physical stature bullying
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Physical Stature Bullying. What is it?.

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What is it
What is it?

  • Bullying-Bullying can be defined as ongoing verbal and/or physical harassment/abuse that occurs in community and/or school settings.  Bullies use aggression or threat of it, to gain control over peers.  They tend to target children who are weaker in physical or verbal ability than they.  Non- assertive youngsters who will not defend themselves or seek assistance often become prey too.


  • Continuous bullying can have multiple effects on the student, for physical stature bullying the effects are:

  • Eating Disorder

  • Over Exercise

Eating disorders
Eating Disorders

  • There are three different types of eating disorders:

  • Anorexia- not eating or eating enough to get by

  • Bulimia- throwing up after eating

  • Binge Eating- over eating

Warning signs
Warning Signs

  • Change in weight

  • Change in personality

  • Pale Appearance/ Unhealthy Looking

  • Tired/Irritable


  • There are many different types of therapy that help people with disorders.

  • Counseling

Over exercising
Over Exercising

  • Obsessing over your body and exercising to dangerous limits that is considered unhealthy


  • Therapy

  • Counseling

How to stop it
How To Stop It

  • Don’t judge others because you wouldn’t want people to judge you

  • Get along even if you can’t be friends show respect for your peers because you don’t want to be the one responsible for a disastrous decision.