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Joyner Family Heritage

Joyner Family Heritage

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Joyner Family Heritage

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  1. Joyner Family Heritage The Story of Charlie Hugh Joyner and Mae Belle Strickland Shows the importance of the Family Unit in the South

  2. Joyner Family My Great- Great Grandparents

  3. Charlie Hugh Joyner was born on November 23th 1890 in Bertie, NC. Mae Belle Strickland was born in Rocky Point, NC on March 13th 1900. Charlie and Mae Belle married in Roanoke Rapids, NC sometime before 1917. After they married, they moved to VA.They had 4 Childern: Linwood, Homer, Elise, and Louise Charlie died on May 27 1961 in Roanoke Rapids, NC. Mae Belle died on February 23 1968 in Roanoke Rapids, NC.

  4. Charlie Hugh and Mae Belle lost their 2nd eldest child, Homer, to pneumonia when he was 4. Pneumonia was the number one cause of death in 1921 based on the CDC’s list of leading causes of death in the 1900’s. 178,438 people were killed from pneumonia in 1921

  5. Many southerners believe their extended family is their support system. So when tragedy struck the Joyner family with the death of Homer. Charlie and Mae Belle moved back to NC with their families. This proves the importance of family in the south.

  6. After moving back to NC, Charlie Hugh built a service station and grocery store for his family to live in and work in. The Joyner’s lived in the upstairs and the store was the downstairs.

  7. Charlie Hugh and Mae Belle’s eldest son, Clarence Linwood Joyner(Linwood) married Mary Olivia Vann on March 15, 1941 in Weldon, Northampton, NC. After they were married, Linwood took over the store and Charlie Hugh and Mae belle built a house on their farm land next door.

  8. Linwood and Mary had 3 children, Clarence Linwood, Jr., Charles Mac, and Michael Vann. They all lived above the service station until Charlie and Mae Belle both died, and then moved into the house next door. Linwood, Jr. married Winnie Stine on June 13, 1964 and had 2 children, my father, Clarence Linwood, III (Lin) and Mary Marguerite (Molly) Linwood, III married Cindy Sisk on February 27, 1988 and had 2 children, Timothy Michael (Tim) and Katherine Meghan (Meghan).

  9. 4 generations of Joyner men Chuck Charles Linwood, Jr. Linwood, III“Lin” Linwood, Sr. Tim Michael

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