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The Story Of Adolf Hitler PowerPoint Presentation
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The Story Of Adolf Hitler

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The Story Of Adolf Hitler

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The Story Of Adolf Hitler

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  1. The Story Of Adolf Hitler A man who can only be described as crazy, mental and evil!

  2. Fact File of Hitler • Born on: 20th April 1889 • Mother: Klara Hitler was 23 years younger than her husband and the third wife of Alois. • Father: Alois Hitler. He was an intelligent man who eventually became a senior customs official. He was very strict with his children and often beat them. • Religion: Adolf was very religious and even considered becoming a monk • Education: Hitler did very well at primary school and he was very popular with other children and was much admired for his leadership qualities.

  3. Fact File of Hitler continued • Personality: As he grew up and joined secondary school he found it much harder to cope with not being top of the class and his reaction was to stop trying. His Father was furious so he beat him because he wanted Adolf to become an Austrian Civil Servant like him. At this time Adolf lost lots of his friends and he started to enjoy games that copied games from the Boer War that involved lots of fighting. His favourite game was playing commando rescuing Boers from English concentration camps. • Hobbies: Hitler enjoyed history as it was with his favourite teacher Leopold Potsch who was a German Nationalist . Hitler also loved art but his Father was very angry with this hobby. • Klara Hitler spoiled her son but failed to persuade her son to achieve better grades at school. • Further Education: He received a large sum of money from his Father’s will and moved to Vienna to study art. He was rejected by the art college and was distraught at the rejection. He lied to his Mother and told her he was enjoying the art course but was never actually accepted for courses at either the Vienna Academy of Art or the Vienna School of Architecture.

  4. War • Military: In 1909 Hitler should have registered for military service but he would not serve Austria so he ignored his call up papers. • When the First World War started it gave him an opportunity to prove that Germany was superior to other European countries, he said, “I was overcome with impetuous enthusiasm, and falling on my knees, wholeheartedly thanked Heaven that I had been granted the happiness to live at this time”. Hitler volunteered for the German army and was finally accepted. • His fellow soldiers described him as odd and peculiar. He would spend long periods sitting in the corner holding his head in silence and then, all of a sudden, would jump to his feet and make a speech attacking Jews and Marxists who he claimed were undermining the war effort! • He won five medals, including the Iron Cross during the First World War. His commanding officer wrote: “As a dispatch runner, he has shown cold blooded courage and exemplary boldness. Under conditions of great period, when all the communication lines were cut, the untiring and fearless activity of Hitler made it possible for important messages to go through”. Although much decorated he only reached the rank of Corporal.

  5. School and early Life • He was an intelligent child but the problem was that he got bored at school. However, he loved History which was taught by a bias German towards nationalists. • At the young age of 16, Hitler left school with no qualifications. • He tried to find work as an artist in Vienna which he struggled in doing so. This lead him to have to live in a homeless hostel for many years. During this time, Hitler painted and drew many pictures.

  6. Family life • Hitler’s father’s name was Alois Hitler Sr. He was a cruel man and he used to beat his children. He died in 1903 when Hitler was only 13. • His mother’s name was Klara Hitler. She was kind and gentle. Sadly she died in 1907 of breast cancer. • Hitler was the eldest of five children but only two survived, Adolf and his younger sister Paula. His other siblings were; Gustav, Ida, Edmund, Otto. He also had a sister in law and a brother in law: Aloisjr and Angela. • He later on married Eva Braun. Klara Hitler Alois Hitler Sr

  7. Ideas • He had plans to create the master race by fixing everyone that he thought were not normal, eg homosexuals, Jews and gypsies. By doing this Hitler and his army of Nazis killed over 6 million Jewish people.

  8. The Disabled Hitler also wanted to get rid of all disabled people because he didn’t think there was room for disabled people in his perfect race. He believed they were not able to fight or do anything so he put every disabled person in a hospital, but they were not normal hospitals, they were places where they killed them all.

  9. Homosexual One of his ideas in his evil life was to ‘cure’ people from being gay and lesbian. He decided to turn this mental idea into reality by persecuting and torturing everyone that was gay and lesbian to try and get them out of what he called the diseasebut if that didn't work he would even execute them or send them to concentration camps. He thought there wasn’t room for them in his master race. Between 5,000 and 15,000 homosexuals died during the Holocaust.

  10. After the Holocaust After the Holocaust many survivors went into Displaced Persons camps run by the Allied powers. Between 1948 – 51 almost 700,000 Jews emigrated to Israel including 136,000 from Displaced Camps across Europe. After the Holocaust when the camps were closed down they found millions of shoes after Hitler kept them from all of the Jews who died. The last DP camp closed in 1957.

  11. Hitler's Final Moment's • This man who was responsible for millions of deaths of ordinary, innocent human beings, cowardly committed suicide by shooting himself on 30th April 1945. It is claimed that his wife, Eva Braun also died with him by eating cyanide.