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Jeopardy Round

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Jeopardy Round - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Jeopardy Round. FINAL JEOPARDY CSI HISTORY. Terminology $200. This is the new term for consumer/survivor that is being widely promoted and used. Terminology $400.

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jeopardy round
Jeopardy Round



terminology 200

This is the new term for consumer/survivor that is being widely promoted and used.

terminology 400

False beliefs based on incorrect inference about external reality that is firmly sustained despite what almost everyone else believes and despite what constitutes incontrovertible and obvious proof or evidence to the contrary.

terminology 600

A pervasive and sustained emotion that colors the perception of the world.

terminology 800

Discrete periods of sudden onset of intense apprehension, fearfulness, or terror, often associated with feelings of impending doom.

terminology 1000

A recurrence of a memory, feeling, or perceptual experience from the past.

organizational development 200
Organizational Development$200

A specific method or process to achieve the results called for by one or more objectives.

organizational development 400
Organizational Development$400

A superior method or innovative practice that contributes to the improved performance of an organization

organizational development 600
Organizational Development$600

This process assesses the effectiveness of an ongoing program in achieving its objectives

organizational development 800
Organizational Development$800

An organized, systematic application of the knowledge, tools, and resources of change that provides organizations with a key process to achieve goals and objectives.

organizational development 1000
Organizational Development$1000

A philosophical or value statement that seeks to respond to the why of the organization's existence, its basic reason for being.

board staff roles 200
Board-Staff Roles$200

They direct the planning process and approve long term organizational goals

board staff roles 400
Board-Staff Roles$400

They prepare performance reports on achievement of goals and objectives

board staff roles 600
Board-Staff Roles$600

They finalize and approve the annual budget

board staff roles 800
Board-Staff Roles$800

They develop the annual operational plan, objectives and actions

board staff roles 1000
Board-Staff Roles$1000

They provide input into long-term goals as well as monitor achievement of goals and objectives

community 200

One of two names for an organization who accepts and disburses moneys to a CSI that does not have a direct relationship with the LHIN

community 400

They are someone your organization may have a formal or informal working arrangement with

community 600

The acronym ODSP stands for

community 800

This national organization offers a variety of community based mental health supports and services. Branches can be found in most communities across the northeast.

community 1000

This organization has developed a partnership with CSI’s across northern Ontario called the Lived Experience Collaborative.

final jeopardy
Final Jeopardy

This 2009 research project was undertaken to work with CSI’s and stakeholders to gather information on how to strengthen and support the CSIs and their unique role in the Ontario health care system.

terminology 200 answer
Terminology$200 Answer

Persons with Lived Experience

board staff roles 1000 answer
Board-Staff Roles$1000 Answer

Both Board and Staff

community 200 answer
Community$200 Answer

Flow-Through Agency or Transfer Payment Agency

community 400 answer
Community$400 Answer

Community Partner

community 600 answer
Community$600 Answer

Ontario Disability Support Program

community 800 answer
Community$800 Answer

Canadian Mental Health Association

community 1000 answer
Community$1000 Answer

CAMH, Center for Addictions and Mental Health

final jeopardy answer
Final JeopardyAnswer

CSI Builder Project