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Local Government. Education Planning Housing Highways Environmental Health. Education. Education Act 1944 created three types of secondary school – Grammar; Secondary Modern; Technical 50s/60s - Non-selective schools introduced – Comprehensive

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local government

Local Government





Environmental Health

  • Education Act 1944 created three types of secondary school – Grammar; Secondary Modern; Technical
  • 50s/60s - Non-selective schools introduced – Comprehensive
  • Education Reform Act 1988 – introduces National Curriculum, school league tables. GCSEs replaced O Levels
  • Education (Schools) Act 1992 - OfSted
  • Provide and maintain premises for primary and secondary education
  • Provide youth services and adult education
  • School Standards and Framework Act 1998 required LEAs to produce an Education Development Plan
types of school
Types of School
  • Private/State
  • Community (formerly County)
  • Voluntary - controlled, aided or special agreement
  • Community Special
  • Specialist
  • Academy
fe he
  • FE Colleges were managed and financed by LA until 1988
  • Learning and Skills Council (LSC) set up in 2001 to finance FE provision
  • OfSted inspects every 3 years
  • LSC wound up under Brown and plans to return control to LEA
  • Under Coalition LEA will have a strategic control but ‘board’ would manage daily running
  • Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) distributes money to HE
  • LEAs make discretionary awards to those on vocational courses
planning planning components
PlanningPlanning Components
  • Forward Planning - future development of area over plan period (Development Plans)
  • Development Control - Response to individual planning applications for consent to make material change in use of existing land/buildings or to demolish, adapt or construct
development control
Development Control
  • Outline Planning Permission – consent in principle
  • Detailed Planning Permission – fleshes out the OPP
  • When granting PP, LA’s have three options – unconditional consent, conditional consent & refusal
listed conservation
Buildings graded - Grade I, Grade II*, Grade II

Listed Building Consent needed to make any alterations

Building Preservation Notice - protects a building from demolition

Listed Building Enforcement Notice -

Grants available

Conservation areas protect areas and buildings

Housing Act 1988 saw a shift from LA being mass providers of affordable rented housing to a strategic view

Have to provide new houses and flats for rent

Maintain and improve existing housing stock

LA’s have to provide housing for unintentionally homeless

Monitor private accommodation

Take over housing unfit for human habitation

Can take over areas for demolition

Administer housing benefit – standard; certificated

social landlords
Social Landlords
  • Bodies which build and manage social rented housing
  • Take over social housing through large scale transfer of housing stock from LA’s
  • Overseen by the Tenant Services Authority
  • Some are not for profit, partnered with but not controlled by local authorities or tenants
highway authorities
Highway applies some kind of road, bridleway or footpath over which there exists a public right of way

Can be private or public maintained

Highway divided into:

Motorways/trunk roads (M/A)

Primary roads (A)

Secondary roads (B)

Unclassified (rural/urban)


Private streets/roads

Highway Authorities
highways authorities
Responsible for:

Planning and construction


Street lighting

Traffic management

Off street and on street parking

Road safety

Motorways/trunk roads - Central Govt

Primary, Secondary, Unclassified - UA, CC

Bridleways. Footpaths - all local authorities

Private roads - owners of property

Highways Authorities
public transport
Public Transport
  • Under 1972 LGA some LA were responsible for providing bus services
  • Transport Act 1985 saw joint boards taking over responsibility of buses, airports and docks
  • LA now has only to secure a bus service for a route - deregulation in 86 opened up competition on routes
  • Traffic Commissioners - licensing
environmental health
Environmental Health
  • Public Health Acts 1948-1974 - lost health functions to NHS
  • Responsible for trading standards, consumer protection, waste collection, noise/air pollution
  • Responsible for disposal of waste collected by collection authorities
  • Provide waste transfer sites
  • Contract out waste collection service
  • Recycling schemes
  • In recent years collections have become fortnightly to save money
  • Environmental Protection Act 1990 divides processes into two lists:

List A - large chemical plants, steel works, oil refineries

List B - small power plants, glass works, incinerators (council/hospital)

  • List B is subject to LA enforcement and List A by the Environment Agency
  • Enforcement notices can be served if regulations are broken
  • EPA 1990 allows LA to deal with statutory nuisances which are prejudicial to health or a nuisance.
  • Abatement Notices served on those responsible for nuisance
  • Antisocial Behaviour Orders (ASBOs) have been used to tackle noise pollution
food safety
Food Safety
  • EHO’s ensure food premises are up to an adequate standard
  • EHO’s inspect and can seize suspicious food
  • Issue improvement notices to owners of food businesses
other environmental health duties
Other Environmental Health duties
  • Trading Standards – weights and measures
  • Sunday trading
  • Trade descriptions
  • Licensing – Licensing Act 2003