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This will enable a public web link which you can share amongst potential members to sign up directly to your list.\n

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Features of gaggle mail
Features OfGaggle Mail

Group email
Group Email!!!

Group email is a powerful tool but it's not always been that easy to use. Running your own listserv is time consuming and other online services can be too complicated or restrictive in what they allow.

Message archive
Message Archive

All messages sent over Gaggle Mail are archived and instantly searchable, attachments are also stored and can be downloaded from the message archive. Having a permanent record of all emails sent to a list can be invaluable for groups where discussions and decisions are made over email which need to be referred back to.

Means of communication
Means Of Communication!!!

Everyone has a group email listaddress and everyone uses email, it's the one universal means of communication on the internet . Communicating with a group of people by email should be as simple as communicating with one - but it isn't. What happens if someone doesn't use reply-to-all? Or what if someone changes their email address?

Delivery reports
Delivery Reports

The primary goal of any group email system is to reliably deliver email messages to the group members, however as we all know having an email arrive successfully can be more complicated than just clicking ‘send’.

Daily digest

We all get too much email and being part of a busy email list can only make that worse. Gaggle Mail lets you decide when you receive messages from the lists you’re part of. On your member’s management page you can choose from three options about when messages are sent.

Online group signup
Online Group Signup

If you want to allow people to join your group directly from the web then enable 'Online signups'. This will enable a public web link which you can share amongst potential members to email createdirectly to your list.

Custom email footers
Custom Email Footers

You can customise the footer that appears at the bottom of every email sent to your group over Gaggle Mail. This can be useful if you want to provide a footer in a different language or just provide extra information about your group.

Custom domains
Custom Domains

When you create a group with Gaggle Mail you get a @gaggle.email address.That's great, who wouldn't want one of those! What if you already have your own domain and want to use that for your group email address - we can help.

Administrators of a group
Administrators Of a Group

The message archive is available to all administrators of a group, also administrators can decide if the message archive is available to members.

Simple pricing
Simple Pricing.

All plans include all features of custom domain email.

Start your 30 day free trial then choose a plan that suits your group size.

Delivery failures
Delivery Failures

It can be for four reason

1.Hard bounce

2.Soft bounce



Own permanent email a ddress
Own PermanentEmail Address

Gaggle Mail solves these problems by giving your group it's own permanent @gaggle.email email address that anyone in the group can use to reach everyone else in the group.

Thanks for watching this slide for more info https gaggle email
Thanks for watching this slideFor more info:-https://gaggle.email