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Save the Fairy Shrimp!

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Save the Fairy Shrimp! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Tumblr. Merced Sun-Star. Save the Fairy Shrimp!. By: Lulu Ochoa. Define the need or problem . As of now, UC Merced has been doing a good job protecting the Fairy Shrimp. The proposed plan for future expansion has been approved.

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save the fairy shrimp


Merced Sun-Star

Save the Fairy Shrimp!

By: Lulu Ochoa

define the need or problem
Define the need or problem.
  • As of now, UC Merced has been doing a good job protecting the Fairy Shrimp.
  • The proposed plan for future expansion has been approved.
  • How will we ensure the protection of the Fairy Shrimp under growing circumstances?
explain your proposal what practice or policy will you be suggesting
Explain your proposal: what practice or policy will you be suggesting?
  • Continued care of Fairy Shrimp as currently done so.
  • 5-year review to be published, presented, and easily shared with all involved members of this issue.
  • Spread of public awareness
    • Education
    • Activism
    • Reinforcement
relate the claim to the need or problem it addresses
Relate the claim to the need or problem it addresses.
  • How will we ensure that during expansion, fairy shrimp will continue to be under protection?
  • How will the increased amount of population in UC Merced affect the fairy shrimp and their habitats?
  • What can we (faculty, students) do as individuals to ensure that the species continues gaining support?
explain how your proposal will be carried out demonstrating that it is feasible
Explain how your proposal will be carried out, demonstrating that it is feasible.
  • Continued governmental and institutional communication
    • Holding individuals accountable
  • Public education
    • Teaching at the campus about the fairy shrimp
        • The Fairy Shrimp Chronicles as an assigned reading
        • Fairy Shrimp as a module lesson in CORE class
        • Fairy Shrimp day/festival at UC Merced
    • Involvement with community
  • Public activism
    • Involvement in the carrying-out of plans
    • Involvement in possible future plans
explain your thesis
Explain your thesis.
  • As the 10th and newest University of California campus, UC Merced still has many years ahead of construction and growth, capable of doing harm to the shrimp and its surrounding environment, but the school as a new and UC labeled campus, must expand as a means of growth in both student and faculty population, reputation, and prestige. The distance between UC Merced and the fairy shrimp habitat is an ongoing debate planners, service officials, and school leaders have yet to come to an agreement on. The surrounding environment, lack of consensus, and available solutions are all resulting issues that must continue to be discussed.